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Michael Holly
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We have been given a Dilapidation schedule on a Small Factory

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We have been given a Dilapidation schedule on a Small Factory property that we rented which we believe is extortionate.
When we moved into the property it was in a very bad state of decoration which we tidied (but not painted) that took us over 3 days.
We rented the property for 3 years in which time we looked after the unit and caused no damage.
We have obtained the dilapidation report from the previous tenant who had occupied the property for over 6 years, it is almost identical to the one we have received but they paid the landlord a sizeable sum of money to put right any defects.
No work was ever performed on the property prior to our tenure even though they had been paid.
We have been in touch with the landlords agents about the 2 reports but they are insistent that we will still have to pay for the repairs.
We feel that they are using us to obtain further funding for work which they have already been paid.
We believe that the wording in the lease may still hold us responsible for the dilapidation but we are looking to find a way out of this.
We have no problem with putting right any damage that we deem is our responsibility but damage that existed prior to tenure is out of order.
What would be our best options?
Many thanks
Rob Smyth
Dear RobI think I would mention to them that claiming the money from 2 different people for the same thing is called fraud and that the police may have a view on this.If you have not already done so, I would provide them with copies of both dilapidation schedules and relay what the previous tenant told you in respect of the amount paid for dilapidations and give the agents/landlord a period of,say, 7 days to reconsider their position.I hope this helps. If there are any further points please reply and I will be happy to respond.Best regardsMichael
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