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I subletted a room in my 2 bed garden flat to an french expat,

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I subletted a room in my 2 bed garden flat to an french expat, 26 years old working for The Renault group 8 months ago. The first 6 weeks her company paid for the room as she has just moved to London. She asked to stay on longer after the 6 weeks. She was provided with a brand new furnished room not only furniture but soft furnishings of bedding as well and fully equipped kitchen, internet, TV living dining room etc to use. With no other reference other than the Renault are a good brand and her word I rented out the room on a rolling month by month basis to her, no contract and her payment terms paying monthly direct to my bank account. I took her word and as Renault had paid the 6 weeks on time - as proof she would be responsible on time with her rent and I didn't charge her a deposit.
During her time she neglected to clean, mistreated my furniture, broke kitchen equipment and glasses and never replaced anything, she broke shower unit that was fixed, she had frequent guests every 3 weeks without notice of having them stay, she never paid her rent on time.
I decided to move and gave her notice 3 months ago that I would be vacating the flat at some point and that she should prepare herself to leave within that time.
My landlord asked me to ensure she was not in the flat and that they weren't left with her as a problem once I handed the flat back and I assured them she would be gone at checkout.
A month ago I gave her notice that I had found a new place and I would be vacating pending my 2 months notice to the landlord and them finding a new tenant. Her room and furniture was left in a disgraceful state.
She had months dust and her long red hair in clumps all over the furntiure, floor, rug, armchairs, beds, and in the flat. She caused damages, left furniture, kitchenware and soft furnishings in a poor and broken state, not cleaned. She has taken and removed items and is demanding money back. It has taken 2 weeks for me and 5 adhults to clean, move and sort out the flat and furniture and Ive had to throw things away due to the state she left them in.
Do I have rights to deduct money from the balance for the costs I have incurred for cleaning, repairing and replacing items and what i have now spent in fixing the flat back to normal.
This is the list of items and letter i am responding to her with.
1 set duvet cover, flat sheet and 4 pillow cases. Uncleaned, stained
4 x pillows - 2 taken
1 Rug – left dirty, dusty and uncleaned
1 set brand new curtains left uncleaned
Drawer inserts taken
Bed bases - left uncleaned with clumps of dust and hair
Chest of drawers - 1 drawer broken and scratched
White armchair, seating left stained, dirty and uncleaned
No lightbulbs replaced
Broken toaster - replacement taken
Glasses broken not replaced
Communal areas inside and outside - nothing cleaned and no attempts to clean.
All final bills
Communal cleaning
Communal lights and curtain cleaning and repairs.
Extra rubbish clearance
My email to her:
You were not charged a deposit in the good faith you would respect and care for the property inside the flat.
You used Renault as a reference that you would pay your rent on time. You didn’t.
You promised that as a responsible Renault employee new to the UK you would be reliable, take care of the furniture and property. You were supplied with a fully furnished room. You didn’t and haven’t.
You never paid your rent on time.
You had guests every other weekend without sufficient notice.
You neglected to clean each and every week.
You have not looked after the furniture that was provided to you.
You left the flat in poor and disgraceful condition after you left.
You returned the furniture you used in a less that poor state compared to how it as provided to you.
The balance of your rent you paid in April is now acting to pay for the costs of not only final bills, damages caused, cleaning, repairing and replacing my goods.
You are in breach of many things and I will be happy to take this up with your employer as they acted as your referee
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
THIS IS THE EMAIL I HAVE RECIEVED FROM MY SUBKET TENANT AND I NEED TO GET AN ANSWER WRITTEN TO RESPOND TO HER.Dear *****a,I want to follow-up on our latest exchange regarding the end of my tenancy.As you know, I have been your subtenant of a room in your flat (1 College Road, West Ealing W13 8LQ London) since 1 September 2015, with a monthly rent of 1050 GBP.On 5 April 2016, you informed me that you wanted to bring the subtenancy to an end by 19 April 2016. As you might know, this is a lot shorter than the legal notice period for a monthly tenancy, but I made my best efforts to make sure to leave my room by the imposed deadline. As agreed, I returned the keys to you last week (Sunday 17 April 2016).As you did not inform me that I would have to leave the room before the end of April, I paid rent for the whole month of April (GBP 1050) on 4 April 2016, as usual.I stayed in the room only 17 days in April, so the rent owed is only 595 GBP (1050 / 30 x 17). Consequently, you owe me 455 GPB.As a goodwill gesture, I am not asking for the costs incurred to organize a last-minute move with only twelve days of notice.In consequence, I invite to reimburse me the sum of 455 GBP within a week starting on Monday 25 April 2016 (i.e. before Monday 2nd May2016). You will find below my bank details for the wire transfer.Bank Name: TSB Bank Sort Code 77-72-61 Account No. 00806968I hope I will not have to escalate this matter, in order to avoid ending this tenancy on a bad note.Best regards,Audrey
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.What is it you want to achieve please?Alex
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have received an email from a subtenant on my flat and she has demanded a refund. I have written a full account of what my position is and the 2 emails and I want legal advise if i have to pay her back as she has written a threatening email.
Can I have your number please?