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My mothers dementia was not serious and her capacity was

Customer Question

My mothers dementia was not serious and her capacity was good. She knew her relatives and my daughtet who she hadnt seen for years. She could feed herself and attend to her toilette but needed help with showering and cooking. I had an excellent carer for whose husband helped out and their children used to come and visit my mum. It is a case of my sisyet wanting my mum on a dementia ward where the care couldnt be half as good and she would give up and die quickly. I had three advocates and social services and even the staff on the ward ALL in support of me getting mum home. Next thing my sistet had threatened to sue social setvices if they let her home and they became v nervous. In Oct my mother still had enough capacity to tell 3 professionals that she wanted to go home. The solicitor has always used temporary solicitor and they always seem to leave v quickly. I.contacted one and they had left as had two others cos they werent happy with things. Unfortunately Ive lost contact numbers. After mum died in mid Jan at first meeting with another new solicitor in thesamefirm the solicitor in question waltz in and asked if everything went well and if it eas a good day. So why did he know all about it? I questioned the death certificate and my elder sis a ridiculous scene. When we left the solicitor took my hand in both of hers and said how sorry she was. She has since left and now we have another new temp solctr. I think my sis at the least has a BPD. My mother worshipped her and did so much for her and always looking after her childten. None came to see mum and I think because they would have been able to see she should go home. Would thete be any point in going to the police before probate.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Im fairly certain the solicitor has been advising my sis on how to prevent my mum going home. Who else was she going to use to sue social services? My sister would exagerate her concerns and pretend she couldnt cope with the worry of mum being at home. This is all an act. She rarely visited mum and I had to get mums 4 weekly presriptions delivered to a neighbour because she visited so rarely. I had said must get cameras in for mums safety and security and have carer thete for more hours. Sister wouldnt. Carer found mum fallen in bedroom in early morning. She and husband helped mum to shower and mum said someone had come in in the night! Sister didnt come over but called ambulance and mum in hospital for coiple of weeks and when came time for her assessment to go home my sis asked the carer to come and help. Then she phoned the cater and daid dont come and that she didnt feel well and wadnt going. Next thing my mum was in a Home on a dementia ward.. Phew. Im typing on a new mobile and would really appreciate taljing about this.
Expert:  Michael Holly replied 1 year ago.
Hi this is Michael.This reply has come up as a new question .I have replied on the original link.I suggest you have a look at that response and if there is anything I have not covered please reply.Best regardsMichael
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have had an email that I can ask more questions. I live in Ireland and have travelled back and forth to my mother for the past 7 yrs about every 3 weeks. Im fairly exhausted as are my funds and quite taumatised. I cant sleep as am haunted by the image of having to leave mum and her holding out her hands pleading to understand why she couldnt go home. She was so weak and so broken hearted. I feel so enraged at what I know my sisters have done that want to stop probarty going through or at least have a solicitor representing me. I dared to comment about the death certificate and my sister as always does an imitation of someone traumatized and tries to cry with lots of eye dabbing but there are no tears and Im sure the new temporary solicitor took it all in. Sha has now left. Is there a way I can contact any of the several solicitors that have left this firm? I know there is something wrong. Why are we as reps of mum and dads estate always getting temp solicitors and yet my sisters were always talking to this guy Paul who was my dads original solictor. Apparently he is saying he is retiring and that this last solicitor would be taking over. Well shes yet another to have left! My last text has got caught in a loop and I hope you have it. Im struggling on a tiny mobile. Sorry for garble.
Expert:  Michael Holly replied 1 year ago.
No problem I have got your reply.I am sorry but I cannot see any legal remedy here. People have behaved badly and you are understandably upset but they have not behaved illegally.Best wishesMichael
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Oh how dissapointing. Was it not an offence to lie or falsley creat the impression to the assessor, when my mother was to be dischargeded from hospital, and pretend that there was no care at her home? When the DOLs was due to expire my sister asked to have it extended. I met the DOLs guy just before I was due to leave in Dec and he still thought there was no care at home.
Expert:  Michael Holly replied 1 year ago.
No I am afraid that is not a criminal offence and the police will do nothing.They will simply put it down to a difference of opinion over where your mother should be.Michael