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Its question regarding the sex industry and licensing I'm

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Its question regarding the sex industry and licensing
I'm looking to start business operate in a grey area of the sex industry. The business will be a Tantric/ sensation massage and we only offer hand relief at the end, nothing else! No kissing or anything that could be misconstrued as a sexual favour, we will be using professional massage tables have qualified massage therapist trained staff, not untrained staff using the business as a disguise for something else.
I understand hand relief fall into a grey area in the law and as long as the business is not seeming to be advertising or selling a sexual service or perceived, it should be okay.
My confusion comes with the business in Milton Keynes called which claims to have a license to do this, I have heard it called 'a Gentleman Massage license' or a ‘Sensational Massage' license. I have contacted the council, planning and licensing departments to ask the information and have got nowhere I have even contacted the police and asked if they could shed some light as the premises are in there jurisdiction, but they had no idea either.
So my question is simple.
Is there a license you can obtain either through local or national government that would stipulate terms and conditions for the operation of these types of premises?.
If so how would I go about getting a copy of the terms and conditions that a license will be granted under?.
Or is it more as I believe that they operate within a grey area of the law and are just using the ‘licensed' term to make the business look more professional and stable With it being and as long as they don't stray out of that's very narrow windows of operation, legally you doing nothing wrong as it will not be classed as a brothel becouse there is no exchanging of money for sexual favours.
Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
with regards,
andy goodacre
Hi Andy, Inwill help you with this. Firstly there is no licence you can get from any council which would licence hand relief as part of a massage process. As will know, people doing massages can be licenced insofar as they have qualifications in massage therapy. However, there is nothing that would licence the "happy ending" type thing you are asking about. That is not something you could advertise or market for fear of being treated as a brothel which is defined as a place where two or more persons work to provide sexual services. That is in essence what would be happening and whilst you describe this as a "grey area" it isn't really. If the authorities wanted to make something of it then they could do so, although many won't get too involved in Tantric type set ups. I hope that helps. Please leave a positive rating so that I am credited for my time.
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