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Smart Parking unfair charges at Asda. They claim I was parked

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Smart Parking unfair charges at Asda. They claim I was parked there from 6.01am-4.14pm. I did however make two separate journeys, leaving there at around 6.05am. And then returning around 4.00pm. They claim they have no photographic evidence of the in between times. I do however have a letter of evidence from my boss at work, stating my car was parked at work all day long, and that I had dis-armed the alarm at 6.14am that morning. How can I possibly have walked 2.5 miles to work in 9 minutes?!
Do you think I would win a court case on this, as I have no concrete evidence (i.e. photographic evidence of me, having been at work. Kind regards, ***** *****
I have no doubt that you win a court case here. The court would be far less willing to believe the so called photographic technology produced by the parking company that that of your boss who can give eye witness evidence of having had you at work all day. You should definitely fight this.
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