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Good Evening, Last week I contracted

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Good Evening,
Last week I contracted a Joiner to fit 10 doors ( 1 external and 9 internal ) after the first day he had completed the external and 1 internal. I was'nt happy with the workmanship as the hinges were badly fitted and the frame lock plate had excessive gaps around it which was not necessary as it was interchangeable with the original. The following morning I informed the Joiner I wasn't happy and asked if he could put it right. In the early afternoon my wife informed me that the Joiner had gathered his tools and walked of the job stating he could'nt make it pay.
When I arrived home from work I found he had fitted 3 other doors, one of which he had cut to length from the top instead of the bottom leaving the door not matching the others ( we live in a bungalow and all and the doors he was fitting are along the same corridor ) the second door he fitted was fine but the 3rd a bathroom door he fitted using the original locks instead of the new one supplied resulting in the handle not being central in the panel and mismatching the other doors. He attempted to start a 4th door by cutting it to length then informed my wife it was damaged which I do not agree as I bought the said door from B&Q and checked it myself. On carrying out this work he damaged the wallpaper and a threshold strip on the laminate floor all of which are new as we are currently renovating the house.
Later in the week I received an invoice for the 5 doors he fitted to which I replied by e-mail informing him that I was'nt happy and pointed out the defects. I received a reply denying the damage and calling me arrogant and pedantic and requesting payment.
How do I stand with this ? do I have to pay for his time and can I recover the cost of the damage and replace the doors ?
Peter Brookes
Hello Peter my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.What is it you want to achieve please?Alex
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Is he liable for his damages and do I have to pay him for the work that's been done
Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 he must act with all reasonable skill and care. If not then he is in breach of contract, which means you can sue for loss and damage.You have to pay him for the work done, BUT he has to pay you for the damage to the doors. If the value of the damage is less than the cost of new doors or repair then you owe him the balance.If the damage cost if more than the cost of work done then he owes you the difference.Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?Alex
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
He denys the damage so it's my word against his. How do I prove it
If he denies liability and it went to Court, it would be down to a Judge to decide on balance. Is it more likely than not that your version of events happened.Does that clarify?Alex
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
For the amount involved I don't think it's worth it, I'll put it down to another Western Experiance
thanks for your help