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I have spoken to Claire re a disputed will in Kuwait in

Customer Question

I have spoken to Claire re a disputed will in Kuwait in April and have info which might explain better than I can.It is on an Email received from my son who is in contact with my friend is it possible to forward this email. if it is possible I will need to work out how to send it best regards Denise *******
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Clare replied 1 year ago.
HiCan you cut and paste it here?Or send it as a link?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Clare thanks for getting back to me can I send it to you by forwarding to an E mail address
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
1, To make matters clear, there are two aunties and my uncle involved with the Probate. My uncle has transferred his ‘Power of Attorney’ rights onto his other sister. The sister named in the will has renounced her authority to execute the will. Please see attachment 1.The sister with the ‘Power of Attorney’ is the lady mentioned in the Death Certificate as the informant. Attachment 2.2, The claim on the estate and the insurance is being dealt with by the sister with the power of attorney as she has all the documents with her. She had gathered all the insurance documentation and ownership of estate with her as she was close to my dad. Attachment 3 is the application that we had seen her submit at the probate office. There was a misunderstanding as my mother and father were divorced from each other and therefore my mum did not have the right to apply for probate. I had tried to apply for probate back when I had no knowledge of the will however the will was discovered and the executors are the only entities whom are eligible to apply for the probate from my understanding. I know that the third attachment is a document that cannot go through as I am not an executor but I have attached it to explain the points below further.3, I have got a copy of the Will dated back in 1999 (Attachment 4 & 5). My father had also drafted a will but it was never taken to a solicitor for the final approved draft (Attachment 6). It is important to understand that life had changed for him from 1999 up to 2010 and that a lot of the insurance policies are covered in the drafted will which can be traced. I would appreciate it if the lawyer could shed some light on the possibility of the insurance policies still being in effect as 3 years have passed since his passing.4, The details of the solicitor who actioned the will is in Attachment 5. The details are as follows:Fielding & Co
450 Barlow Moor Road
M21 0BQI hope the address can help to probably find out if there is an updated will from the one drafted in 1999.5, The information can all be obtained through attachment 2. His name is*****6, This is the question. My auntie had a few issues with my mum and dad being together. He had moved back to the UK to be with his family and that is when my parents separated. It is the relationship bond I guess which you had talked about where family members have differences. It was also brought to light that my father had married again and had a child. The woman who gave birth to the child unfortunately passed away during labour and that is why my father has several insurance policies out as a widow. I have yet to find out more details of my step/half sister. Her motive is that she does not understand that she is not holding the probate in her hands and there is going to be a problem in the future as there will be inheritance tax and interest to be paid on the estate and insurance which is accumulating as time passes. There has also been a circumstance where money has been withdrawn from our accounts in the UK without our knowledge (attachment 7). I do not know if it was her or if it is legal. When I had visited the UK after my fathers passing, I noticed that there were documents also that were burnt in the back garden of his house. This is why I need legal help as this is stagnated and as you know money that is not invested or used usually is gone. I do not want to press any legal suit on her if it is not needed as she is family however, we do want our rights as our dad did love us and has left us something to carry on after he has left. We do not want all his hard work to be gone because of the feelings of his sister towards my mother. We understand that the estate are still being paid for as they have been rented out and that probate office is aware of all that is happening.7, I can definitely confirm that my father is a British citizen born in Malawi by attaching my Birth Registration Certificate (Attachment 8).I hope this thorough email has answered all your questions. My family do trust you and we would very much love to get this probate completed in order to use what we obtain to make a difference in the world.We will look forward to your email if there is any further questions we may be able to answer. I understand that this is a lot of information and I hope that the solicitor can help us get this through. I would like to thank you once again for all the support and cooperation you have shown my family.
Expert:  Clare replied 1 year ago.
What is the actual query?