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I am 18 and my girlfriend is 16, can we rent a flat together

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I am 18 and my girlfriend is 16, can we rent a flat together and move out without informing her parents? Their relationship is very poor and they don't understand each other at all so reasoning with each other is out of the question, and if we do move in together what action can her parents take against us to bring her back into their house?
If she is 16 then she is perfectly free to live where she likes. That said, I wouldn't expose yourself to any risk on her account. They will blame you not her.Make sure you do not share any intimate photographs. She is over the age of consent for sex but under the age of consent for the purposes of indecent photographs and they will use that against you if they get half a chance.However, if you are intent then you can live with her and she doesn't have to tell her parents.Can I clarify anything for you?Jo
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Her parents are planning on taking her abroad later this month and she has told them she does not wish to go, does she have the right to stay in London without her parents at home with her?
She is 16. She can do as she wishes.Although make sure you protect yourself by not placing yourself in a position where she can blame you and say you are putting pressure on her or holding her against her will.if she wants to get involved in a dispute with her parents then she is free to do it. Do not do it for her.
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
That's everything I needed, thank you so much for your help, have a good night and thank you