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I have an MPS hearing in a couple of days. I work full time

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I have an MPS hearing in a couple of days. I work full time 60 hours a week. My ex does not. She insists that she does not have to work because she has children.She currently has all mornings free, and every other weekend. I have volunteered to watch the kids every weekend and morning s so shecan seek employment.Is there any court rulings, or past cases that indicate someone needs to be financially independent.. or seeking financial independence? She surely cannot just live off me for the rest of her life because we have kids.What can i say to the judge, or is there any past rulings, legislations that I can use?thanksyou said:Hi, thank you for your question. Just a bit more information required:-How old are the children and are they in school/nursery?-Has she ever worked?-What qualifications does she have?-Is she receiving any benefits or is she entitled to any?My response:04/05/2016 02:35
Children are 6 and 2. 6 year old in full-time school.. 2 year old in morning sessions nursery 2 days a week (she want to extend this to 5 Days.). I watch the little one two mornings a week as well. 4 mornings a week she has free.She has worked before but stopped late 2012.She receives all benefits under the sun.. She wants to give up all benefits and have me pay her the money. She does not like the stigma of getting benefits.No real qualifications.And she says she's pregnant.. Might not be mine...(think there are two people working on this questions. very interested in your response)
Thank you for confirming. The MPS application will only be a short term remedy for her and will be granted if she can demonstrate that she cannot meet her and the children's reasonable needs arising out of the separation, as well as the standard of living enjoyed during the marriage and whether you are able to pay the maintenance she has requested. Of course there will still be the full financial proceedings dealing with long-term financial relief where there is much greater consideration given to all the relevant factors such as her earning capacity.If you found this information helpful please provide a positive rating. I will not be credited for answering your question without a positive rating. Thank you
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