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Does the UK Data Protection Act apply to foreign subsidiaries, e.g. as Barclays is a UK ba

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Does the UK Data Protection Act apply to foreign subsidiaries, e.g. as Barclays is a UK based bank, may I ask for information about me held at Barclays Singapore?
May I also ask for copies of my emails that I had when working for Barclays Singapore?
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.No in this case it would not apply to Barclays Singapore. You can ask Barclays UK if THEY hold anything on you but the DPA does not apply to Singapore. If Barclays UK have any data or emails, you are entitled to copies of those.Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?Alex
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks, ***** ***** clarifying questions:
1) Is this because the act does not apply to foreign subsidiaries, or is Singapore (or Barclays Singapore) a special case?
2) Assuming I worked at Barclays Singapore in 2013, before the Singapore data protection law was put in place but after the UK Data Protection Law was put in place, and Barclays Singapore had a notice on their website at the time, identical to the Barclay UK website, that said they follow the UK Data Protection policies (probably a direct copy of the UK web site). Does this change your answer at all?
3) In 2013 I got the following advice from a British attourney, who was based in Singapore at the time:
"Under UK Data protection you would be entitled to full disclosure on each and every document emanating from the bank with your name on it. You would be entitled to see what anyone and everyone has said about you in written correspondence. They have no privilege over such documents they are not 'internal or confidential' even if so marked or because the authors of such documents mistakenly believe that they are."
Was this incorrect advice?
1) It does not apply to foreign subsidiaries2) I can only tell you about UK Data Protection. It only covers information held by a UK company about you here. It makes no difference if Barclays Singapore holds anything3) No - it is only from the UK bank, not Singapore branchDoes that clarify?Alex
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