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Our 20 year old daughter-in-law of 6 months, has a vendetor

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Our 20 year old daughter-in-law of 6 months, has a vendetor against my husband. although it only came to a head in January, we think shes had a problem for months before. My husband shared some quotes on facebook in December, which she took offence to, she claimed they were bullying her.(nobody else did). My husband has appologised for them upsetting her even though they were only shares of quotes that people had shared, and they were never personalised, handwritten statuses. but then she accused him of stalking her, because he was on instagram and had driven down their road a few times. (he is a drainage engineer and has work all over the place and there is a builders' merchants near to where they live.) she has constantly sent me nasty messages trying to persuade me that he is a bully. 2 months ago was the last contact we had because I told her to leave me alone. We had decided that we had to sacrifice our relationship with our son and grandson in favor of not having to put up with this anymore, we have 3 other children and didn't want it affecting our relationship with them because its always on our minds and were always talking to each other about it. (our 12 and 8 year old's do not know whats been going on, but they never ask to see them) but then yesterday she sent me messages accusing him of being a homophobic bully on twitter because of a few comments he had exchanged with someone else. he was actually sticking up for a footballer who had accidentally used a word that is considered homophobic, but because someone else mentioned our business she has honed in on that now. she even made some nasty tweets about him in response. and now she has said that there is a campaign to lose us out contract with the local university. She says i let him bully people so that he doesn't bully me and that he is forcing me to not let our other children have a relationship with their brother and nephew. She is basically trying to blackmail me into turning on him in favor of our son and grandson. In all this time, my husband has never exchanged messages with her and our son has only got involved when my husband messaged him about all this. I have about 22, A4 pages of the messages, and the more i read them the less I understand how she can come to the conclusion she has. If it was just a clash of personalities I would accept that but she has made it way above just people having a difference of opinions. She has turned it into a vendetor and I don't feel that we can ignore this any more. We have tried 3 times to get them to speak to us face to face but they refuse.
Please advise!
Thank you
Mandy Clifford
What would you actually like to achieve here? Would you like to just leave you alone to get on with life? Have you ever asked her to stop this?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Yes, on 10th March I told her to stop messaging me. From the tone of yesterday's messages I think she will stop at nothing to discredit my husband. the fact that she was happy at the prospect that we might lose our biggest contract makes me worry that she could go above and beyond to try and make this happen. Although I know it's unlikely that someone like her could do that, we know from what we read in the press that social media is a big weapon in bringing people down.
There are a couple of ways of dealing with this. You can apply to court for an injunction to prevent her contacting you either by telephone letter social media for commenting on you in any way or through a third party. A solicitors letter threatening the application and an application for cost might put an end to it without the need for going to court but there is obviously going to be a cost involved in the initial application.Alternatively, free of charge, take all the evidence that you have to the police station and asked the police to warn her under the Protection from Harassment Act. Even if the police do not decide to prosecute her, they will warn her under the Protection from Harassment Act.Can I clarify anything for you?Please rate the service positive. It’s an important part of the process by which experts get credit.Best wishes.FES
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you, ***** ***** discuss it with my husband and see how he wants to proceed. Is a letter something that you could do or would I need to find a local solicitor?thank you for your help.
Probably be better coming from a local solicitor.To be honest, because of the very nature and the volume of this I would probably go to the police and I would not warn her either.
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
sorry if i'm being thick but do you mean not to warn her that we would be doing that ?