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I signed up my son to a private school last year and paid

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Hi, I signed up my son to a private school last year and paid a deposit.
Financial circumstances meant I had to withdraw my son from the school.
The Terms and conditions stated I had to give a full terms notice of withdrawal or be liable to pay the first terms fees. (Which are around £2500).
In February I received a letter (which was about passing them the details of my son's nursery school) which required an action which I did. At the bottom of this letter it mentioned a date (Cut off Time) of notifying for withdrawal of Tues 19th April 2016. I did not see this date on the bottom of the letter (Had lost my Dad and mother in law just had a stroke and my nan had just died so a lot going on at the time plus the letter had no required declaration)
I tried to notify them on the morning Weds 20th April thinking that was plenty of notice as I wasn't even aware of a cut off date anyway. I was rudely spoken to by the PA in the office and she basically said I had missed the deadline and will have to pay the £2500 which I objected to obviously as I thought a little unfair!
So I appealed by email, but no consideration seemed to be given to my circumstances. So I asked to meet with the Head of the school which I did. He listened to me and seemed quite nice and said that if my Sons place is filled by September I will not have to pay, if filled by December I will have to pay pro-rata etc. I felt a little forced into this and left, but how will I know if they really fill the place or not.
Then yesterday I received a letter asking me to accept these conditions as an addition to what I'd originally signed for which only mentions a terms notice?
To me it seems like they are now trying to get me to sign to these additions as they are trying to get money out of me, however I'm reluctant to sign this as I feel deep down I should not legally have to pay anyway?
Your advice would be greatly appreciated.
Kind Regards
Jamie Williams
07976 825778
Hello do you actually know if the place has been filled and have the communicated that to you? Please note I am in court today so may not be able to reply fully until later in the day thank you
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
They said verbally it has not been filled as yet, but had an open day a couple of weeks ago. Happy to wait until later to talk to you in more detail, thanks.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
07976 825778
Thanks, ***** ***** calling but it says number not available?