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I have a sole Agency Contract with a estate agent to sell

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Hi i have a sole Agency Contract with a estate agent to sell my house. in contract Terms and Conditions under heading of ' Termination of contract ' it says Either party can terminate a sole agency after the 12 weeks period by giving 7 days notice , which should be confirmed in writing. IF the notice is given by the Seller BEFORE the end of the 12 weeks period then this will result in a £200 fee to the seller.
Q1:> The question i want to ask is that what is meaning of the word ''''BEFORE''' the end of 12 weeks period? does it mean if i give notice to terminate after 10 or 11 week period than i will have to pay £200 fee ? OR Does it mean i can give notice to terminate sole agency contract even after 2 weeks of signing ( starting ) Agreement and still i will have to pay £200 fee ? OR does it mean i can give notice to terminate the contract DURING ANY TIME OF 12 Weeks period ( does not matter which week is going on of 12 weeks exclusivity agreement period ) and i will have to pay £200 fee ? Could you please clarify this question.
Q2:> The agreement/contract even does not have any start date mentioned in anywhere whole agreement , is it possible to have a contract made without having mentioned any start date ? OR can a agreement be made without a date mentioned ? because i have heard about Open- Ended Agreement , is the agreement which i have made is Open- Ended Agreement one ? Basically i want to cancel the agreement in first week of signing it but i am not sure whether i can cancel the agreement or not according to the terms and conditions of the Agreement but i am willing to pay £200 fee.
Q3:> The Estate agent made the contract with me by DECEPTION , by not showing or giving me all pages of agreement and get signed by me which i did by mistake i did not read all pages because he did not give me all pages i just signed last page ...and now i am in trouble. Even he did not explain any terms of contract , can i cancel the contract please ? Thanks from ALI
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.1) You can terminate on week 10 then yes £200 is payable. If you terminate before the end of 12 weeks then yes you have to pay £200. It says the END of 12 weeks. So if you cancel at the start of week 12 or after then that is ok2) You cant cancel within the first week unless you want to pay the £200. Its valid from either date of signing or date of instruction to the agency3) The agent does not have to explain the terms to you. It is up to you to read them. They only have to draw your attention as a consumer to any clause which is unusual or onerous.Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?Alex
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Please read the Sole Agency Agreement Attached with this message especially 2nd page terms and condition ' Termination of Sole Agency Agreement ' section . Thanks
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Alex , have you got my mobile no to call me regarding phone conversation today after 15.15 ?
When would be good to call? Alex