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My wife has been summoned service and since receiving

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My wife has been summoned for jury service and since receiving the summons her stress levels have rocketed. She is distracted and is already not leading a normal life. I can only expect that jury service will make her more unwell.Is there grounds for being excused?
On what basis?
You mean her stress levels?Why is jury service stressful?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
On the basis that my wife would experience more stress than others and it would therefore be unreasonable for her to attend jury service. The build up of stress even leading up to the service in 6 weeks time would be greater than for others. Also how good a juror would she be if she had to attend.
All jury service is said to stressful and this is addressed in the literature. Should someone be required to attend if it affected their quality of life and made them ill.
I had hoped you would provide answers and not questions. And
Why?What would be stressful about jury service? Jury service is nothing even remotely like stressful. Generally they don't start until 10 am and are released at 4pm. Why would she suffer stress? You have to address these things to be excuse from jury service
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ok. For me jury service would not be stressful. (As a barrister you may well wonder what could be stressful about a very familiar process. Courtrooms are stressful places to those unfamiliar with them) However for my wife the fact she has been chosen is stressful. That is the nature of stress. She believes she cannot do it and can't cope. The literature says anyone with documented mental health issues is excused. That is one parameter. The other parameter is no you can not be excused. In between there is a grey area where a person may be excused. What I am asking is.... could there be grounds within the parameters stated for excessive stress levels to be considered as grounds for excusal?
Ok. But why is it stressful specifically for her? On the face of it, this is not a ground to escape. It is really hard to escape jury service now. It can sometimes be deferred and usually brought forward but escaping entirely is not easy.
Medical reasons are a ground but you are not describing medical reasons so far. I don't know whether there is more to this?
I'm really sorry but you just not describing anything that would justify stress at all and certainly not excessive stress.I suppose, in principle, if a person had a documented case of something like bipolar and there were proper medical evidence that would be worsened by jury service then that would be a ground but that isn't what you are saying here.
I don't know whether there is more to this than you are describing but it does not amount to a ground to escape so far.
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I am seeking grounds to be excused not "escape" My wife has not been diagnosed with any medical condition. You seem to suggest that there is no grey area. I think your eventual answer "escaping entirely is not easy" is the end of the matter. Thanks
There isn't a grey area here. What you describe is just not a basis to escape I'm afraid.