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1. We were given a police crime investigator called Webster

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1. We were given a police crime investigator called Webster under a crime reference P12345.2. The criminal investigator Webster was not dealing with the crime of murder but was harping more so on about a (civil case named HHH), which had nothing to do with the crime of murder and we kept telling him to stop because it has nothing to do with the crime of murder.3. Then then the case was closed based on no evidence.4. We then complained about Webster because he was harping on the (civil case named HHH) and not concentrating on the actual crime of murder.5. Whilst the complaint about Webster was active, we re-opened the case with the police under the same crime reference P12345 based on new evidence that Webster did not have, which was a knife with fingerprints on it.6. However, a new investigating officer has now been put on named Simon, to continue investigating the case but with this new evidence added to it.7. This new investigating officer Simon was also harping on about the same (civil case named HHH) and not so much of the new evidence provided and we told Simon that this has got nothing to do with the murder and that we have already warned Webster of this, so steer clear and concentrate on the murder and the knife with the fingerprints. However, Simon continued regardless and continued harping on about the civil breach of trust case named HHH.8. Simon closed this case due to no evidence from the evidence we provided and left us with the final word our (civil case named HHH) is what we should chase, there was no murder.9. We now want to make a complaint about Simon due to the evidence we provided was sufficient however but because he was harping on the (civil case named HHH) was the reason for his failure just as Webster’s failure was.10. As you now see that Webster and Simon were both harping on the (civil case named HHH).11. Our question is:
Since we have already made a complaint about Webster harping on the (civil case named HHH) and this complaint has not even been completed yet, and now we are wanting to make another complaint about Simon in that he is harping on about the same (civil case named HHH), as his predecessor Webster was.12. Would this new complaint about Simon be deemed by the Met DPS as repetitious of the first complaint (which is still active and uncompleted as yet) about Webster?13. To be clear, the (civil case named HHH) is merely to illustrate the same conduct.Could we please have an answer tonight within a couple of hours because this is urgent, thank you very much.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
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Hi. Im afraid I cannot do tonight. It is nearly 10pm and I will be offline soon. I can do tomorrow morning?
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Ok you can ring tomorrow morning from 9am.We look forward to hearing from you at around 9am.
It is not going to be 9am I'm afraid.I'm in court in the morning.I will be able to do it at some point in the morning but cannot be sure when.Alternatively I will action a refund for you.
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Yes, ok, we still want the call.We look forward to your call tomorrow.
Ok. I will call in the morning at some point.Talk then.