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I have a serious problem and was wondering if i can get

i have a serious problem... Show More
i have a serious problem and was wondering if i can get some advise please
my name is ***** ***** i came to UK in 2001 as a student, studied for few years and started working full time....i started receiving letters from HMRC since 2010 saying that i owe £70000 odd for self assessment. and at that time i dint take it serious as i have not even earned that sort of money, as letters started coming more often...i called them and they said that Tax returns are outstanding since 2003 and as i have not done it i have to pay the money....i sent tax returns for few years for which i had the earning details and amount went down but not completely...since then i have sent numerous letters appealing it and complaining it with no 2014 i managed to get all my earning information from my previous employment since 2003 and filed my tax return with all my bank statements and also i claimed job seeker few years which i mentioned as well...but now HMRC saying that they are unable to accept as they are too late and penalties and the amount its gone to HMRC recovery agents and they are threatening me...i get paid around £1100 a month and i dont have any other assets neither savings and i should not even be doing self assessment in a first place as i never been self employed or owned any business in my life time....i need help please as its causing me lot of distress....can u advise me on whats the best action please
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Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help youFor now please let me know whether tax was being deducted? Did you have an accountant please?Alex
Customer reply replied 1 year ago.
my number is *****
Customer reply replied 1 year ago.
hello you still there?
Sorry I am just on the train. I will call when I get a better signal.