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My wife and I are in possession of some sporting equipment

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My wife and I are in possession of some sporting equipment which I estimate to have a replacement cost of about £500, though is probably worth very little as scrap. The equipment belongs to a small sports club, the owner of which left the equipment in our garage four months ago (when we were on very friendly terms with her). Two months ago, we had a falling out with the sports club owner (unconnected with money) and the owner now refuses to answer our e-mails, which ask for her to make arrangements for her club's equipment to be collected from our garage. Furthermore, we have also written to her colleagues at the club, who also refuse to answer our e-mails (although one of them did reply to say he'd discuss the matter with the owner, but we have not heard back since).
Our first e-mail was sent five weeks ago, our second four weeks ago and our third one two weeks ago.
Although the equipment would have value to the sports club, it has no value to my wife and me and we would like to dispose of it. At what point can we do so, without being potentially exposed to a future liability?
Does the club have premises to which the equipment can be returned?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
It is a fencing club and meets at one venue (a sports centre) on a Tuesday night and another venue (a school) on a Wednesday night, but it does not own those venues.
Either deliver to one of those venues for the attention of the club or intimate that they have to collect within 21 days otherwise you will dispose of the items. Ensure if you go down this latter route that you have proof of delivery of your letter.
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