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My partner died recently. She made a will (in hospital) and

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My partner died recently. She made a will (in hospital) and witnessed by two independent
persons. Making myself sole Executor of her will. Under gifts& Legacies just myself...I give any monies and goods to my long term partner (myself I am named)
Informed Bank today with copy of will, death certificate my I/d. She has 3 accounts obviously in her name. Do I close accounts? put the accounts in my name? for I am going to use some cash for burial/costs.
Also she has one account with a building society...but in her married name. She has been legally divorced for many years now. I have not informed them as yet. Can you help me with procedure please.
Hi, thanks for your enquiry, and am sorry to hear of your loss. Whenever someone leaves more than £5,000, all Banks etc do have the right to ask for a copy of the Probate, before allowing the Executor to close the account. I am guessing that your Partner's Estate is worth more than £5,000. As Executor, therefore, you will need to apply for Probate- this can be done by you either making an appointment at a local Probate Registry or asking a local Solicitor to do the necessary paperwork for you. If the Will was a home made Will, as opposed to one prepared by a Solicitor, the Probate Registry will often ask one of the witnesses to swear a declaration, confirming that the Will was executed correctly. If this is required, you are best to get a Solicitor to prepare this declaration, so you know it is in the correct format. Once Probate has been granted, you will then be able to close all the accounts. I hope this assists you and sets out the legal position. Please let me know if you require any further clarification. Kind Regards Al
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