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I run a landscaping business. I did some work customer

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Hi, I run a landscaping business. I did some work for a customer about a year ago in which part of the job he asked for a retaining wall made from reclaimed railway sleeper as his next door neighbour had them and he liked it. At this point I asked if he was sure he wanted this type and not the landscaping sleepers. He had his heart set on the reclaimed so I priced for them. When I sent him the estimate with the price I stated he could have a stone wall instead of the sleepers which would cost £500 less. However he still wanted the sleepers. We have subsequently done the work and he was very pleased with everything.
He recently got in touch saying that some of the sleepers are smelling of creosote and leaking tar due from the heat of the sun. As a result he wants me to pay for the labour to completely remove the sleepers and rebuild with new oak ones. As access is difficult and there are about 30 sleepers plus the ground behind would fall in this would cost me around £2,000 to do. I therefore offered an alternative in which we basically shade the sleepers from the sun with a membrane and face it with nice timber. He has complete ruled this out and wants them replaced. He thinks I am responsible because I didn't tell him they may smell and seep tar. I don't think I'm responsible because I gave him two other options and offered labour to face them with timber.
Can he legally make me pay to have them replaced?
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with thisWhat is it you want to achieve please?Alex
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