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At a recent hearing in the Family Court the two things below

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At a recent hearing in the Family Court the two things below were ordered;
(1) My medical records be passed to Cafcass for them to review.
(2) A report on me by a psychologist I saw two years ago be written on me and passed to Cafcass AND my ex-partner.
My medical records have already been interpreted by my GP who has written a letter stating that there is nothing on my records indicated anything that would impact my ability parent. Regardless this was ordered as my ex-partner insists that's not good enough.
I have two questions;
(1) If Cafcass claim there is something in my medical records that impacts my ability to parent, is likely to hold any weight noting that they are not medically trained and a professional GP has given a different opinion?
(2) I am concerned about my ex showing the psychological report on me to whoever she wishes. Do I have any powers to enforce her to keep this private?
Many thanks in advance.
Hi, thank you for your question.In reference to you question:1- It depends what is on your medical records - it could be something that the GP did not fully consider is relevant that CAFCASS would consider relevant. The GP is not a child protection expert, whereas the CAFCASS officer is.2- Neither of you are allowed to disclose any documents to third parties without leave from the court. Breach of this is contempt of court and can result in a fine or imprisonment.I hope this assists you. If you found this information helpful please provide a positive rating. I will not be credited for answering your question without a positive rating. Thank you
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