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In September 2015 I moved into an apartment sharing with two

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In September 2015 I moved into an apartment sharing with two friends in London, all male. All three names are ***** ***** tenancy agreement, with total rent £2300. At the time this agreement was amicable to all parties. Rent was split according to amenities, this was fine. At the time it was agreed it would be the three of us living there, there was never any mention of partners moving in.
In November 2015 flat mate A moved his girlfriend in on a full time basis, sharing his room without consultation of the other flat mates, informing other flat mates via SMS message that his girlfriend would be living with us for a little time but not to worry as it would not make much difference. By mid- December 2015 this was clearly a full time arrangement, so I asked flatmate A if she would make a contribution to the rent and split bills. This upset flatmate A, but after 2 weeks of not talking and being evasive, finally he agreed that this would be done and a contribution of £200/ month would be made to the rent of flatmates B and C (verbal agreement). However, when it came to paying the money flatmates B + C only received £67/month, as flat mate A thought it was acceptable for him to receive a third of the rent contribution too. This was clearly not fair, but to avoid another round of upset myself and the other flat mate let it go. Flat mate A’s girlfriend then lived with us through until March 2016, completely changed the dynamics of the flat given this had never been discussed as a possibility when we moved initially moved in at the beginning of the tenancy.
Come March 2016 Flatmate A’s girlfriend moved out due to some work complications and stopped making the £67/month rent and bill contributions. For a brief period the living arrangements of the flat returned to how they were when the contract was signed, and peace was briefly restored.
End of April/May 2016 Flatmate A informs other flat mates that his girlfriend will be returning full time until the end of the tenancy in Sept-2016. No discussion of the matter or terms, she moves back in. Immediately I asked flatmate A that I wanted to talk about this, as the previous time this happened it caused a lot of upset and the £67/month contribution to rent made me feel like I had been completely duped. And that if the girlfriend was to live with us the terms would need to be renegotiated, as firstly, it was not the terms I signed up to in September 2015 when the three of us signed the tenancy agreement, and secondly the £67/month the girlfriend was paying each flatmate did not reflect the market rate for such living arrangement. However, for the past 2 weeks ever since I raised this issue, flatmate A has been evasive and purposely made himself uncontactable (we work opposing hours, turning off phone, ignoring calls and messgaes) . This is once again causing further upset and grief, and it is making me emotionally unhappy. I work in a stressful job, so the last thing I want is to have additional stress of a clashing house.
There are no written contracts in place between the flatmates. The only contract in place is the tenancy agreement between the three male tenants and the landlord. When we moved in there was no discussion of moving partners in on a full time basis, it was verabll agreed we would live there as a three. I now feel like the upset this has caused and disrespect for other people’s living conditions leaves me very few options but to move out.
Could you please advise me on my options? Has flat mate A caused a reneging of the agreed terms and effectively violated the contract? Is there any basis by which I can threaten to move and not pay rent, or move and not do so? The upset caused makes me just want to leave.
Thank you,
Hello Nick my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.What is it you want to achieve please?Alex
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