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Ive Been living in uk and I got ILR , My uncle who

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Hi ,Ive Been living in uk for 6 and I got ILR , My uncle who lives in Bangladesh and he's been here (uk) 3 times with business visa he had 5 years multi visa , My uncle he wants do open a restaurant in uk by keeping me as his partner but he will investment all the money , now he wants to know will it be possible if he wants to do that and if so what kind of visa will he be getting and will his family (wife, 1 son and two daughters (his kids are under 16) ? He also wants to know that if they move to UK can his children be able to go to school and will they get same facilities as like English kids ?
1. Dear Bay, it is possible for your uncle to apply for a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa to come and live in the Uk and to set up a business. However, he must invest a minimum of £200,000 in cash in the business and he must create a minimum of 2 jobs which does not include himself or his dependents. If he gets a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa, he will be able to take his wife and kids to live with him in England and they will be entitled to schooling on the same basis as other English kids. They will also be entitled to the same facilities as the other children as well.
2. The Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa scheme is run on a points basis. So, your uncle will gain points for certain items, such as investing money and creating jobs. here is a link to the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa guidance forms as well as an application form It is important that your uncle understands how it works and makes an application which gets him the necessary points to get the visa.
3. There is no difficulty in yourself and your uncle forming a team to run and own the business. This will not prejudice your uncle in getting the necessary points for investing his money in the business. His application will be a free standing one and he won't need your help in order to get the visa. However, he will have to show the creation of the necessary jobs.
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi so will he be getting British citizenship in the future?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi are you there
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hello ?
5. Yes, he will be able to get British citizenship in the future, as will his wife and three children. All of them will be eligible to live and work in the UK whilst he has a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa and after five years living in the UK each of them will become able to apply for Indefinite Leave to remain and then UK citizenship.
6. Another Expert will provide the Live Phone Call request. However, do Rate the answer to the question.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Sorry to bother you again can you please tell me bit more about the two jobs that he has to make for others , what's the salary/wages my uncle has to pay ? And will i be able to work as a employee as well partner? Please
7. The two jobs your uncle has to create must be both full time 40 hours per week jobs which pay more than the minimum wage. There is no restriction on the type of jobs which they may be. For example, in a restaurant, these could be a job as a chef, or a front of house waiter. However, these people he must employ must be UK nationals. He cannot be employing other people on a visa. Secondly, you will be able to work as an employee as well as a partner. In fact, there is no restriction on your involvement in the venture. YOu are totally separate to your uncle's visa application. Sorry to both you, but, do Rate the answer.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ok how do I rate ?
8. There should be a button for the Rating system at the top of the page. click on this and you will be able to Rate.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Dear sir I found that how to rate , I will do that in a minute.
I will be a bit more pain for you please don't mind , can you give me one more answer ,
My friend here he wants to know that will he be able to apply for his British citizenship, he came here in this country in 2010 as a student then he got married in 2012 a English girl and then he had two years Spouse visa after that he got his ILR last year ,it's been a year now he's holding his ILR card but they no longer together since last year , so he just want to know that can he apply his British passport now with out his ex help like signature papers etc , they seperated but not divorce yet . Or he has to wait for 5 years . Please
9. This is a separate question on a separate topic altogether. If you want this answered, then file it as a separate question and an appropriate Expert will answer it. It is not a simple matter but requires detailed consideration.
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