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My sons partner put a comment on Facebook about her sons school.

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My sons partner put a comment on Facebook about her sons school. She didn't mention any names at all and just said that she was very angry with the school. He has been diagnosed with autism and the school haven't done anything to help him and refuse to recognise it. Her Facebook account is closed and only open to chosen friends. Somehow the school found out about it and have sent her a letter threatening legal action and to report her to Facebook if the comment is not removed. We have a screen shot of the comment she put up and she said that she was very angry with the school as they didn't know what her son went through everyday. Where do we stand legally on this matter please? The letter was sent by the chair of the governors.
Unless she has said anything which is FACTUALLY untrue then she is entitled to stand by her opinion. If the school don't like her opinion then they should do something to help her son rather than threaten her with legal action. People use Facebook all the time to express their opinion and not even schools ar exempt from that. I hope that helps. Please leave a positive rating so that I am credited for my time.
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