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My mother and I own adjoining properties. She sold her

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Hi. My mother and I own adjoining properties. She sold her house and the new owners say they have the right to shared services for water supply and to use my septic tank. I did not sign anything and there is nothing on my deeds to say that they have the right to shared services. They say that it was "agreed" with my mother. What rights do I have to say they must put in their own water supply and septic tank?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
They have been paying her for shared services since they bought the house next door (over 10 years) but they are always late to pay and want to see water bills.
You own your property not your mother.She can not possibly bind you to an agreement with her purchasers ( however much you love her).If the new neighbours wish to use the water supply and tank they have to reach an agreement with you not your mother and pay for it.The only exception to this would be if you entered an agreement with your mother which would pass to a purchaser otherwise it a personal licence and they need to organise it.I hope this helps please reply if there are further pointsBest wishesMichael
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you. I am trying to rectify the situation amicably with the neighbours. I have downloaded both land registry documents and there is nothing to say that they have a right to use my septic tank nor a clause about any right of passage of free running water. They insist it is shared services and are challenging their need to pay anything (even though they admit to having nit received any water bill from the local water authority). If the worst came to the worst do I have the right to stop their water supply? Thank you
I love their interpretation of " shared services" they get the benefit but do not have an obligation to contribute, nice planet if you can live on it.If there is nothing in the title deeds, the only thing they can have is an easement of necessity. This commonly arises where people sell the end of their garden but forget the end result is that the new owners are land locked so rights of passage etc are implied.However, the benefit cannot be accepted without the burden, meaning you cannot enjoy a benefit without contributing to it's upkeep.,Put them on notice, they get the benefit , they agree to contribute or you will block it and they can make their own arrangements.Bot***** *****ne, they have bloody cheek.Best regardsMichael
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Love it ... Thank you.