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Morning. My wife with 3 kids left me. Went from home. In 3

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Morning. My wife with 3 kids left me. Went from home. In 3 days time she gives me 48h notice that I have to move out from rented property where we were living and I'm paying all bills and rent because council told her if she have no living space with kids she have to live in our property but I must move out.and if i won't police will kick me out from there.
I wondering is it might be right or she is playing with me???

Hi, thanks for your question. Just a bit more information required to fully assist you:

-How old are the children?

-What are her reasons bfor asking you to move out?

-Has there been any recent domestic abuse between you?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Kids are 8 7 and 1 year old.We had argues for last year,because I don't know her anymore. She change her self for 100%. Bought one more phone chatting with someone 24/7 and hiding phones all time even going in shower. We live together 10yaers and married nearly 5, bad feeling that she found someone else. Few times when was bit drunk I told her everything what I thought. Last Friday I told her if you want to go,please go Im not hold you. Yesterday she come over I said that she can't live with me under one roof and I have to move out.otherwise Council and police will move me out. Are there laws like that???

Thank you. Despite what she is saying, from the information you have provided the police will not get involved as it is a domestic incident and there does not appear to be any risk to her. They may advise that you leave for the sake of avoiding any incident, but you do not have to unless there are police conditions or a court order.

As you are married you have matrimonial home rights to occupy the property even if you are not named as a tenant on the tenancy agreement.

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