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Thank you reply. We are trying to get

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Hello-thank you for your reply. We are trying to get Highways to consider Objecting again.We have evidenced danger to children with 3 accident reports and newspaper reports with the Headteacher and Chairman of Governors stating that the junction is busy. The Applicant notes a shortfall with parking provision but the Recent survey states"ample spare spaces. This is because there is an unlit area at the top of the road-some distance from the planned site that does have space for about six cars. It is unsafe at night and too far for the new residents to use but on paper misleadingly looks as though there is space. At School time it is chaos and the lower part of the road where the Development would be (by the school) is densely parked. The Planning Committee deferred on parking but the Planning Officer and Highways say they have to take note of the Parking Survey. It is misleading evidence . Also--most of the unallocated parking is 10 rear spaces at 90 degree angle which would have to reverse out into a narrow one way system road with present residents cars parked opposite. For two of the spaces there is way below the width of minimum space that legislation states. The others are just within it. We suspect that they will have to double yellow line this section and present residents will lose the space.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I forgot to say that Highways initialling objected stating the shortfall on parking provision and stress on infrastructure with the congestion in the road. The architect was told by our council that he had to resubmit plans including 2 lifts to the floors ( one side with 3 floors and the other with 4 floors ) as there was no provision for disabled access to the property other than ground. This meant that it was reduced from 15 to 14 units and because of this highways withdrew their objection! The building will house approx 40 new residents.
1. I would advise you to get your own independent survey by an Expert which deals with the parking and highways issue. Get the funds together to get an Expert to submit a Report, as part of your objection, which raises properly the issues you have raised, such an the inappropriateness of the unlit area for parking, the 90 degree angle of the parking spaces and the general unsuitability given the presence of the school and the one way system. YOu need to have some Expert evidence which casts doubt upon the changed stance of Highways,as this appears to have been crucial in getting the development back on track after an initial disapproval. You need to call into question the judgment Highways have made on the issue by providing your own Expert opinion to the contrary.
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