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Ref; Land registry transfer. The following involves the transfer

Ref; Land registry transfer.
The following... Show More
Ref; Land registry transfer.
The following involves the transfer of land upon which there is a large wooden shed on a concrete base which has been named 'Studio' for postal services purposes.
Does a proposed minor change in Title number from 107060 (pre named 'Studio') to(###) ###-####(post named 'Studio') make any legally significant difference?
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Hi,Thanks for your enquiry.The Land Registry name for a dwelling or land has no legal significance at all. What is important is that the Land Registry Plan truly reflects the extent of the land on each Title Number. The description of the land should of course also be correct, but from a legal point of view, it doesn't matter.Does this answer your enquiry?Kind RegardsAl
Hi, Can I assist you any further? Kind Regards Al
Customer reply replied 1 year ago.
The subject concerns a seemingly straight forward transfer of a small parcel of land. The 'Studio,' upon the land, is a title given to a large uninhabited, temporary shed like structure. .
I have the Official copy of register of title (no. HW107060 - edition dated 10.11.2015) the proprietorship being with Title absolute. The sellers solicitor has provided a completed proposed TR! (numbered as HW1070660) for our signatures (we have specified declaration of trust as joint tenants) and with full title guarantee.
My question has been:- Why has the Title number been changed from 107060 to(###) ###-#### ***** have indicated this is not significant.
In addition, when I receive the returned dated transfer, do I then complete form OS1 entering the Title number as 107060 or(###) ###-####.
I am aware that I then go on to complete Registration form AP1. Are you able to specify the categories of papers to send with the AP1? I am aware I also have to complete identity confirmation form AD1.
Thank you
Hi,You do need to ask the Sellers Solicitors to provide you with a copy of the Official copies to title no. HW1070660 to make sure this does in fact relate to the land, and it is not a typing error on their part. I am guessing they have made a mistake.You will then need to do your OS1 search against the correct Title number.As regards ***** ***** you need to submit the Stamp Duty certificate/Transfer/ID Form.Kind RegardsAl