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I am guardian to my granddaughter , she has a sister who has

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I am guardian to my granddaughter , she has a sister who has been adopted, until recently they were seeing each other twice a year as put into place by the courts, the adopters have now decided they no longer wish to continue with any contact . I would appreciate any advice on where I stand regarding my rights on this, whether it is worth taking legal action.
Heather Pople
Hello Heather Welcome to Just Answer I am a Solicitor and will try and assist you. Please may I ask: - when were the orders for SGO, adoption and contact made?- is the order also for you to have contact or is it just inter-sibling contact?- how old are both children?- has there been any issues with contact?- what is the position of social services - when you spoke to them? Kind Regards Caroline
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
My husband and I were granted a SGO ON 5th Sept 2013 this was the same date Somerset Count Council had a final care order to place her sister for adoption, the contact has always been arranged through Social services and supervised by them with both children and both sets of parents.
The girls are 7yrs my granddaughter and nearly 4 her sister
The social services say they have spent weeks speaking with the adopters and they will not change their minds , I also asked if they would be willing to help fund any expense as they suggested I seek legal advice, the answer is NoHeathet
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Posted by JustAnswer at customer's request) Hello. I would like to request the following Expert Service(s) from you: Live Phone Call. Let me know if you need more information, or send me the service offer(s) so we can proceed.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Can you phone me *********** / 01458 833948
Hello Heather Thank you for your response. I am very sorry to hear that the Local Authority will not contribute towards your legal fees. Please note that a phone call is an extra charge - but I happy to keep chatting if you don't want to incur any additional charges. A few more questions:- has the adoption order actually been made? when was this?- do the girls have a bond?- has the contact always previously gone well? Kind Regards Caroline
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Caroline , sorry for the delay, the children were taken from their mother in March 2013, my granddaughter came to me her sister who is no relation to me was fostered, they both had contact with their mother 4 times a week, when the courts made the order in sept 2013 the girls still saw each other until the younger sister was adopted in 2014.
The social services didn't inform us or their mother that the adoption had taken place, we were told by the foster carer when I enquired about having a meeting with the children. We then went several months until any contact was arranged, this is always in a community centre arranged and supervised by a member of the social services , the adopters did make it difficult to meet usually putting other commitment as an excuse, we have only met twice last year , Oct being the last meeting. We keep in touch through post box at Christmas and birthdays . The first contact was very good we exchanged gifts they gave my granddaughter a teddy and told her it would always remind her of her sister , which she takes with her everywhere, I really cannot understand why they have made this decision .
Hope this helps
Dear ***** I am very sorry to hear this. As the court did make an order for contact at the end of the care proceedings then it is possible for an application to be made to court. Whilst it is common for parental ties to be severed when an adoption order is made - it is often the case that the Judges do consider that sibling contact should continue. The court will make a decision in respect of whether this contact should continue. A positive is that contact has been happening up until this year. A negative is that the half sister was so young when the proceedings commenced - she may not be considered to have had a strong bond with your granddaughter. In reality if the adopters wont agree - then the best that you can do is make an application to the court. The sooner the better as the passage of time will not help. Perhaps social services could consider helping with mediation? if they have not already done so. Perhaps Social services could emphasise just the sibling contact and not he parental contact? In reality twice a year might be a level that a Judge orders - to keep the inter sibling link - but anything is better than the current level of nothing. let me know if I help you further kind regards Caroline
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you Caroline , I have contacted Social Services this morning about meeting with the parents for some sort of mediation ,I am waiting for a reply,can you advice me how to make an application to the courts?
Dear ***** Please accept my sincere apologies for my delay in responding to you. This is the form that you need to apply to court: You are applying on behalf of your granddaughter and you will need permission of the court. This is known as 'leave'. You should attach a copy of the final care order to your application and you need to explain that contact has happened, how well this has gone and that you feel that the intersibling contact is very important to maintain the bond. The court will make an order if they consider that it is your grand daughters sister best interest. Send the completed application form to the local family court to your granddaughters sister - if you don't know their location - just send it to your local family court. There is a court fee - this is £215. You may however be eligible for a reduction dependent on your circumstances - see this form: Let me know if I can help you further kindest regards ***** ***** kindly remember to star rate our service so that we receive credit for helping you today
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