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Housing Benefit Law Aged 82 wife 89. Housing association

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Housing Benefit Law
Aged 82 wife 89. Housing association prperty. Council stopped benefit. Though now restored but £700 bill to repay benefit.
November 2015 discovered long term thefts from two credit cards,March 2016, card company credits all debits PLUS pays back may contributions. I did not feel this compensation was something I should tell Council of!
Amazingly though called into Council to let them see my statements, bank etc.
Official sees the compensation stops benefit immediately AND BACKDATES charges (rent/rates) to date of Bank compensation letter
(obviously I did not receive the letter on that day!).
Within a week I've paid off car tax,car insurance, water rates - Then well below the
£16,000 ceiling.
It is my view this is compensation due to theft beyond my control,the bank generously
reinstated all the theft - PLUS I had been warned that SHOULD THE BANK DISCOVER
ANY OF THE ITEMS COMPENSATED FOR,where in fact genuine -Then MBNA could reclasim
the money or part. Hence I did not use the repaid money on the card , which is still there apart from around £20 that was used before I was aware of the possible claw back. The Council reckon they can classify this money as part of the £16,000 - Only over the limit due to this.
Based on this way of working if one had a car crash & received compensation for the
vehicle - the benefits or assistance would cease until you purchased another car!
Currently I have requested officials examine the circumstances again. Incidentally
there is a case example where :- A female employee was giovern a rise of £10 a week,
this was only paid to her after six weeks. Benefit stopped , but later repaid - Judges declaring that the money should be examined at £10 a week -This lead to her not being
deducted any benefits - In my case the returned money was over a 36 weeks period.
Why was I not aware of the thefts -I received no statements -Just the bank took money.
Should my reader not be able to assist, then perhaps someone can direct me to ano.
Two unusual events have occurred a.I went to pay the rates bill around £170. But a mistake in the Council bank card device read £1.85 million b. The official notice stopping
Benefit gave a date up when I could appeal - THIS DATE HAD BEEN TIPEXD OUT & A
DATE PENNED IN - the alteration nor letter was initiled or signed!
Stan ********

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.

Just to be clear the compensation was just to repay the debt that had been accrued by fraud?

How much over and beyond those debts did you receive?


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Obviously living IN UK - Everything comes under UK legislation.
my credit card accounts are with MBNA is based in Chester, UK
but obviously some purchases can be worldwide.
MBNA cleared all the debts from the two cards Total £1432.75.
It also repaid monies I paid them approcimately £250.
This latter amount then stood as a credit in one account.
That money is still there untouched apart from around £20 that
was used to pay for some purchases. Done prior to be warned
that should new evidence (although MBNA had investigated for
four months before doing the credit paymens!) - emerge.,
there could be claw back. None has occurred and the bank wish
me to use the money or transfer it to a normal bank account.
My current counter argument is that, as with the example in
the IR benefits publication - the sum involved at my disposeal
namely the couple of hundred pounds relates to/ for the three
year period. The example used in the IR editiorial - was accrued
addition earnings over six weeks - IR on examination worked this
out as £10 p.w. - rather than intially £60 which took the worker
over the permitted level .Thus obviously less than an amount
that effected the permitted balance.
Q2. I received only £5 more than - The debts & interest paid .
or due MBNA.
Stan *********

Yes I know you live in the UK, I am there too.

Just to be clear once everything had been cleared you were only in 'profit' by £5?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Sorry but the fees being shown on the screen were Dollars.
Also below the item THE NEW YORK TIMES.
MBNA cleared the debts on both cards. Paid back fees.
PLUS gave me £5.
The crediited money still showing on the account - less as I said
approximately £20 I used to pay for an item. MBNA wrote me to
move this creditted money - Presumably they don't normally have
accounts with balances,, only operate with money owing them.Not sure whether I mentioned that the letter received from the
Council rejecting my first appeal.
Ended with a warning ,that I had until one day this week.
But part of this date had been tipexed out and the month penned in.
What the original month is/was I know not.
And before you, or anyone else thinks,this is just Clare, tampering
with a document - I do not have any tippex. Also do not write my
letters the way it is on the document.
The document is not signed at the end, NOR WHERE THE
One suspects an investigation of Chorley computers would
not show an alteration to this document had been made.
Why the month is changed I know not - possibly it read
originally April since that's when one would have been
given 30 days to claim! Whilst their system may have a
standard format, the letter does feature the money
returned from MBNA.

Ok - then you do not need to worry and can appeal any decision.

This is compensation to put you back into the position you would have been in, should the fraud not have occurred.

Your actual only 'profit' is £5. That is it.

As such the Council cant withhold benefits or take you to Court for failing to declare a change in circumstances.

If they stop the benefits you can appeal and go before an independent Tribunal. If they take you to Court you can plead not guilty.

But I cant imagine it would go that far.

Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks for your rapid reply. Did you see the very topical film award Sunday?
The Council stopped the benefit immediately and back charged me approx.
£700 - council tax & rent . I've paid the council tax plus half the rent. But
on top of this the Council have deducted money from the resumed weekly
payments to the landlord. I reckon the Council are double charging me.I've been sending my emails to the named chairman & deputy of the council.
All documents received from Chorley benefits section ARE NEVER SIGNED or
NAMED.- irrespective of an award or anything else
Is that legal?.
So one goes in or phones the offices -the first thing your the 'customer' has
to do is relate the history, situation etc,etc. EACH TIME.
Mind you, what local 'normal' customer faced with a £700 bill would dare to
do research,challenge them, call a solicitor - the result a whitewash
PLUS besides Government getting back in my case £700 -
This gang have no incentive to work correctly or assist customers.
The direction is these customers are fiddling,How much can we ,the
Council officers GET..

No I didnt see it. You should appeal any benefit decision, you will get a decision letter which you should appeal.

You should also ask for a detailed breakdown of the Council Tax and rent, then you can see what its happening.

The documents received dont need to be signed.

Can I clarify anything for you?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Agreed the documents, do not need to be signed -
Written alterations DO.,
Must be otherwise the doc. is not worth a candle.
Especially if as normal, the retained computer copy -
HAS NOT BEEN CHANGED? Fortunately if someone decides
to later alter the computer copy -There is adequate software
to discover when the addition/changes were made.
A computer chum of mine was recently sent an important
document following a compliant - he discovered by interigating
the files (from his computer without visting their office ) -
that the files had been written after the compliant -
though the doc was headed up as issued on a diffent date.
This gave the impression that all was in order.Should documents then need to be produced at a court or panel
- Is the 'bench' going to use the 'file' copy of the one the defendent
In my case even if, the new date means an appeal now, would still
be in date!
I will leave the issues now until the Council complete their
considerations.. Meanwhile thank you for your opinion of the issues.

Yes you can request documents be produced at Tribunal.

Does that clarify Stan?


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I've a meeting with a 'Places for People', the largest housing association
in UK -landlord.Used to be chairman of customer panel 3500 district
housing stock..
I will seek statements as you advise. As yet no communication from
Chorley Council.
I'm impressed with your assistence. All I need to do is discover, how
I sue the Council for the serious effects this has had on my wife.
Her health has plummetted with the worry. But I've told her already,
the authority has claimed money, half of which I've paid (council/HA).
She is worried sick though.
Ofcourse any compensation could take me over the limit, if not
reported! Ha!Ha! Our accounts already dropped through the floor.Stan cCare
Regards, Stan

Good luck. If this answers your question could I invite you to rate my answer before you go today, otherwise the site doesn’t pay me for the time spent with you. Thanks in advance! Alex

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Tomorrow or Thursday we should have some answers.
Currently I'm investigating the list of assets the council
has used for making the decision. It is thought that included
in the figures is the money MBNA giave me following tits
investigation of the credit card thefts.
Sadly the data sheets given me does not name the banks
only the amounts. My housing association contact thinks
the Council has used these funds as part of my assets.
If so that , appears incorrect. So tomorrow I will endeavour to
allocate & match the figures in the evidence listing. One
figure shown does appear to be in the same ball park.
The HA offficer says if the Council has used the money
amount in their calculations - that is wrong - QED.
Needless to say I've been very impressed with your
support Top Class. . Either way the final day for
lodging an appeal is nye. The HA officer has long
experience of this Council, and she expects them to
reject the appeal, whatever the evidence on the table..

Sure. Good luck and please do remember to rate. Alex

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Sorry Alex, Urgent Urgent Urgent.
Need an answer fast now. Decision time 3.00 TODAY.
Started preparing an underdate and was almost finished and it went off.
I'll try again
The council are majoring on money awarded to me by MBNA after
an investigation indicated, they agreed the two credit card accounts
had been the subject of theft.
MBNA refunded VISA account £748.79 , Mastercard £647.96.
This left the Mastercard account incredit by £261.47.
I suspect the Council agent added these three together
concluding I had £1657.73 balance to add to the total..
With this figure I would exceed the £16,000 limit.
If the agent/Council reads the MBNA letter properly
£1396.75 removed the OWED BALANCES on the
cards - the £261.37 cash available to me -
Was the only money to be considered.
Hence overall total of everything well below the
permitted £16,000.
1. At no time did I have access to the Council
claimed £1658.
2. The letter the agent took the information off
was NO A STATEMENT of account.
3. MBNA refunded the 'stolen' moneies,reimbused
the accounts.
It was later I discovered their action . Action
I had no contol over.
Today after emails to the Council Chairs, I
added the Chief Executive to the receiving
Tomorrow is the final date for an appeal,
then Bank Holday/Sunday.
the next level TODAY??
Oner suspects waiting will give the Council
a way out -OUT OF TIME.

YES put in an appeal. DO IT TODAY.

Can you PLEASE rate my answer otherwise the site doesnt pay me - the question does not close and you can ask me follow up questions.


Ash and other Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Alex,
Trust you saw , I'd awarded you an extra bonus.
Here's a thought.
The Council's action through ignorance, personal/group
gain has by today cost three parties a great deal of cash.
1. Approximately they took back £560 of earlier paid out
rent money FROM MY LANDLORD.
2. Setup a situation to receive over £700 from Government
under the HM scheme, where an Authority is rewarded by
an equal amount of 'illegally claimed HB rent & rates.
3. Caused me to pay them £185 of Council Tax.
4. Caused me to pay £260 of rent money to the landlord.
5. In error tried to , via a bank pin machine for me to,
agree to pay Chorley Council over £1.7 million.
6.Still I owe the landord £300
And all because the officer & subsequently managers
used a letter from Credit Card bank provider MBNA
that todate none appear to be able to read or understand.
Now whether this is because of ignorance,bias or greed,
the authorties listed above plus myself have had a total
of over £2000 - Not counting my time, expenses & legal
I do suspect the people looking at this financial data are
out of their normal activity,which coupled with an attitude
'Just another benefits claimer !' Can colour outlook.
Fatal with an old bugger like me. As the Customs & Excise
discovered in the 70's - ERROR is not possible in my book..
Let's hope Chorley Council REALLY STUDY the actions
todate because this is one customer out for blood.
No need to reply.Trust you had/are having a good
weekend plus holiday break.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Good Afternoon Alex
I held of contacting you till now, because on Friday I was
told by an officer reviewing cases/appeals that.
He was studying my case & emails.
But nothing has been received today -My last contact was
an email sent - 'Notice Of Appeal' on Saturday. That being
the final date on the Council document.
Below is a copy of a document I have wruitten over the
weekend -As yet not sent to the council.
Please read & advise any alterations you feel prudent.
Stanley *****
88 Daisy Meadow
Bamber Bridge
Case ref:- (###) ###-####5446607/abib 28 April 2016
Housing Benefit stopped incorrectly - On to appeal .
Your officer & office have a copy of this MBNA correspondence.
1. First paragraph MBNA Lisa Heron letter 4th March 2016 declares.
Note this letter was the 4Th of March, a Friday - I only received the notice
7Th March 2016. By the time I read of the decision PM 7th March the MBNA
bank had credited the account three days previously -
Without my knowledge.
Page 1
' I have tried to call you today to dicuss your complaint so you might
have missed a call from me.'
2. Last paragraph
Page 1
' We have refunded a total of £784.79 on the Visa account and
£647.96 on the Mastercard account..'
This meant the outstanding balances on the two cards were cleared
on the bank accounts - At no time did I control that money transcation,
it was a booking keeping excercise by the bank.
Done without my knowledge or say so - At the time!
3. Last paragraph page 1/first pargraph page 2.
' The refunds on the Mastercard account have left your account in
credit by £261.37. If you would like this transferred back into your
bank account ,please phone our contact centre -----------'
4. Lower down page 2. - mid way
' As a gesture of regret for the delays you experienced we have added
a goodwill credit of £50 to your Visa card.'
5. The Chorley Officer read the MBNA letter and failed to understand its
contents. Further it appears another officer also did not understand
or read the MBNA letter. Indeed the
Chorley statement of my savings was so WRONG - one wonders why?
Chorley document 31.03.2016 page 3 or 7.
Savings Credit Amount
Mr Stanley ******
item 2:- £1694.53 - This is incorrect in EVERY WAY.
MBNA letter states £261.37 credit.
£50 gift.
Total in account:- £311.37.
NB Even the addition on the Council amount that was taken from
the MBNA letter was incorrect -
Adding up used items on the letter gives a total of £1694.12.
Yet if adding even this logically & consistantly
Correct amount using Chorley way is £1744.12
Summary :-
I did not exceed the £16000 my wife & I are/were allowed.
Result of items 3&4
My overall amount of savings/credit was increased by £311.37 by
the MBNA compensation.
A Government advice paper attached to The Act, highlighted which way
'extra' payments that were received over a period of time -
These are to be apportioned over the term to which the money is awarded .
(Government example Wage increase total money/number of weeks.)
In my case --- £261.37 divided by 156 weeks .-- £1.68 per week.
Add on the gift if the reader wishes - 32 pence!!
a. The crediting to my account was done & dusted, without my
knowledge on the 4th March 2016 -
This is the day Chorley Council later decided ,my total savings
were over the £16,000 limit.
. This your officer did in error.
b. But the savings were NEVER over the limit, THEN or certainly not
since as outstanding invoices were paid. Made far worse by Council
The latter payments situation, was accepted - hence benefits restored.
How come?
The Council officer did not read the document correctly or understand
the application. Regrettably , once a slant on the letter was engrained.
It was carried through to the next examining officer - Or someone decided -
'We Chorley Council officers - Do not make mistakes. He'll perhaps go away.'
Or some other reason FINANCIAL GAIN -
'Am I correct that, when a Council discovers & applies a penalty on Housing
Benefits/Council tax.
Whatever the amount imposed -
Government rewards Chorley Council that amount of money!' -- £700?
Chorley Council has taken back £567.51 from 'Places for People' -
This has resulted in much aggro. If legit then.
Yes! Do it.
If not restore FAST.
Chorley Council has charged me personally £182.38 Council Tax.
The majority of which is for benefit that was/is caused by actions
outside my control. Part 2 to follow.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Part two contd
Chorley Council has charged me personally £182.38 Council Tax. The majority of
which is for benefit that was/is caused by a mathematics error by your office.
Even on appeal - Examined with a policy - We cannot get it wrong.An error at your payment desk , of seeking over £1.7 million, equates to a
massive 60% higher demand of the total Places for People nationwide welfare
rent payments . (internet source).
Atleast that cashier officer was quick top rectify the error. Probably like myself
she was bewildered where the figures on the device came from. Not me!
In summary then, this customer of THIRTY FIVE years is not best pleased. It is
obvious the MBNA letter was not read properly or fully understood. However rather
than examining afresh or even contacting this client further, officers read what
they thought they had understood - Or wanted! AGAIN.
Causing this customer financial losses,legal fees, time plus severe effects to our
family but then are Senior OAP's fair game?Irronically I have not used the stolen or refunded money MBNA credited me with.
But I have used part of the 'Good will credit gift' - this very responsible,caring
company gave me.Till we meet . -Regards,
Stan Clare

Yes this seems fine - thanks for the update. Alex

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Good Morning Alex,Yesterday I received the latest decision from Chorley Council benefits .
Whilst they have reduced the applied savings amount to £16116.19 .We still have no
statisfaction on the dealings with the refunded stolen MBNA credit card money.
The Council investigator who does seem to be remarkably STRAIGHT!
States 'Although you have explained that your accounts have been creditted due toi
fraudulent use of your credit cards by person/persons unknown.,and the credit card
company has paid compensation to you,the Council is not given any discretion within
the regulations to disregard this money from capital.
'As the capital was over £16000 as at 1st February 2016,Housing Benefit and Support
cannot be awarded to you as the maximum capital is exceeded.'
Alex - This is crazy. 1. I did not know MBNA had done the refund.,had no control over the
event. 2. Never had the money,could have used it. 3. my actual savings went up by the
residue after the thefts had been cleared by under £300. -Surely that figue & only that
should be used.
What I will do is check out the dates,of the MBNA action - the Council are majoring on
capital 1st February..
'As the capital was over £16000 as at 1st February 2016,Housing Benefit and Council
Tax. Support cannot be awarded to you as the maximum capital allowed is exceeded.'
Regards, Stan --- My wife is going through hell on this. We have made progress though.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Good morning Alex,
An after thought,
The Council are treating the £294.79 refunded credit card cash as capital.
1. Reading up legal stuff ,I get the impression:-
That for tax purposes compensation is normally treated as being TAX EXEMPT!
However under Housing Benefits nay not be.
2. Whilst normally credit card accounts are showing a debit -money owing ,due to
the MBNA considering that thefts had occurred by persons unknown - the bank
creditted me with the losses PLUS these interest charges.
3. The correspondence used by the Council in arrived at the credit amount,was the
MBNA report on its investigation with subsequent refund TO THE TWO ACCOUNTS.
4. What this report did not do WAS ENCLOSE STATEMENTS. i.e one for each of the
two accounts under investigation.
5. Examination of the statements displaying the months either side of the 1st February
subject date they used.
Show that whilst Yes! a. one account was after the crediting of stolen funds.
+ £294.74
Other used by the council data January statement - £1223.87
February " - £472.27Logically therefore if the council are using Crtedit card figures, then it must ,
In January February,March I had not seen these statements, only much
later.Indeed only this weekend realised the bearing on this case.
What do you think? What should I do?
Contact the Council or just take it to appeal -The Council have already
apparently sent documents to the Appeal office. I have not as yet contacted
that office. Since only this wekend received (a week late!!) The Council
reassesstment , the latest figure is £16,116.19 - significantly lowered
during the examination.
Regards, StanC
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Good Morning Alex
Not sure whether the following is helpful.
1. The council made their decision after reading a MBNA LETTER ,
I included in the bundle. This letter detailed how MBNA, had following
my contact with them in NOvember 2015 -Started an investigation.into
THE TWO CREDIT CARD ACCOUNTS. It went on to say it had creditted
me with monies in both accounts - One account was then in credit by
£294.74 . No balance was shown for the other one investigated.
However I have subsequently discovered the other account was
£472.37 in debit.
Consolidating both accounts -
January 2016 .balance owed to MBNA £989.13 January statement***.
February 2016 '' owed '' '' '' £211.00 February statement**I take the view that the council did not use statements, but a letter that
failed to provide the NORMAL ACCOUNTS.
They have never received the statements from me. Or asked for them
just used the letter decribed above - Is that legal for accounts?
PS I'm investigating a figure on their decision letter listing my accounts ..
It is listed as a bank account (no bank name! ).
BUT the amount is almost identical to the total amounts creditted in the
MBNA letter!
Money creditted to replace thefts.!!

Yes you should continue as we have discussed. Alex

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks Alex,
The Council are majoring on this MBNA award following the credit card
assigning of the stolen funds & interest repayments. They took the data
from the MBNA report. i.e creditted account one , crediited account two
(whipping off all or part debts) . This resulted in a reduced amount of
money on one card ***(Owed £472.27) and POSTIVE credit £261.37
on the other account..
*** The Bank letter dated 4Th March 2016 does not mention this amount
still owed. To the best of my knowledge the Council has never seen any
statements of MBNA.
There is a further point of law.
The first time I knew about the creditting of the stolen funds was only
after I received the MBNA letter annoucing their action.That letter is dated
4Th Mar 2016 A Friday. It could have arrived Saturday or days later.
I cannot remember when!
The issue here is that the Council Stopped benefit FROM THE 8Th February
Their document is dated 31 March 2016.
In this letter they state 'Your capitol/savings have exceeded the £16,000 limit.
since at least 1.2.2016.
The thing I knew about the MBNA award must have been after the 5Th March.
Not sure whether a serious issue. I have however cleared my doubts on the
bank balance item , mentioned earlier . A Council parcel was delivered Saturday
AM, it contains everything other than whether I have a mole on my back.
Very thorough . Up to me now to write a report to the Tribunal.-Visit?
Stan C.
Regards, StanC

Yes, I would appeal to Tribunal. That is where it will be heard next. Alex

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Tribunal OK.
Do I attend the hearing?
Appeal - On what grounds do you advise?
What preparation should I do?
Any other ideas as to the best approach!

Yes you would attend. You dont need to do anything else at this stage, the DWP will put forward their side, you will put forward yours. Alex

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Good Morning Alex,
The Council have sent me a copy of their case notes,
plus sent the same bundle to the appeal committee.
Central to the whole affair is the action by MBNA. credit
card bank of Chester.Following my alert to them November last year,they asked
questions then everything went quiet until a a letter dated
4 March 2016 - telling me how they had crediited the
two accounts with funds against the 'stolen entries.'
This was great news. However unbeknown to me they
had been creditting money (against alleged stolen items)
Had I known this then I could have moved the funds -
TO THE MBNA account that was still in the red.
That would have meant no cash in the credit card,
Cash which the Council has presented as in total
exceeding the allowed £16,000 .
In March one card showed zero whilst the card showed
me owing over £400. But by the time I became aware of
MBNA action it was too late to move the money across to
Irronically MBNA two months later moved the cash to me
bank account without my say so or knowledge until after the
event. Why did I not move it myself.
I had been warned, that should MBNA discover ,after the refund,
that the suspect theft/s were genuine -They could claw back
the money or in part.!
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
This is my submission:-.Gentlemen and Ladies of the panel this is my plea.
Chorley Council officers correctly having looked at my documents rapidly
decided the funds totalled up to an amount over the £16,000. I realise now
even six pence is enough. On the documents I presented they were correct.However the problem factor ,was refunds for long term crime ,unknown to
myself , until November 2015. It was then that I read statements covering
the three years FOR THE FIRST TIME. Immediately I contacted the bank,
which then proceeded to investigate over the following four months.Unusually unbeknown to myself, over this period (without any notice to me)
or an alert to check the website - MBNA did refund parcels of money.
The extent & summary of which I only became aware of the bank action when I
read the letter dated 5Th March 2016 - (obviously later! posted FridayThis letter only gave half the tale though - reference(###) ###-####It featured amounts of money refunded into both accounts ( £784.79 + £647.96 )
Plus a credit balance in one of the accounts ( MasterCard £261.37 ).
Chorley officers took this credit balance into my assets total.However at no time did they see bank statements for these two accounts
mentioned in the MBNA letter of the 5Th March 2016.Yes! One account used in the calculations did have the above credit
But the other account in the correspondence -
Was in DEBT £472.37.Usually this would not be an issue however the document used by the council
officers combined the two accounts .
i.e. It would seem reasonable that the credit/debt data would point to .a
NEGETIVE BALANCE TOTAL - Me, owing money rather than an asset.I suggest these accounts to be fairly --- MINUS £211Had I known what the Bank had awarded me compensation as & when it
happened, rather than well after the events -Then I could have transferred cash
across between these .TWO accounts USED IN THE COUNCILS deliberations.The other issue is, I had been warned that should the bank later discover that the
bills used on the accounts WERE NOT by other parties or criminal. Then the
bank would immediately extract the money involved.
Hence it was left in place just in case evidence emerged.Incidentally two months after the bank disclosure that it had awarded the account,
refunds, IT TRANSFERRED the .balance into my bank account normally used to
pay the monthly accounts.Again highlighting actions they had consistantly taken without prior reference to
this customer. They are are large American organisation - the letter of the
4 th March admits errors on the first page.Errors plus actions currently costing this writer over £700.Stan Clare
Submission ends.--------

Yes that seems ok! Alex

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Great into battle then.

Good luck! Alex

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Good Morning Alex,
There was a development yesterday.
The Council (both officer & subsequent checker) used a letter from
MBNA ,that reported the banks action to the reported thefts Nov2015.
Namely creditting amounts to both accounts that the resulting postive
balance.on an account.
No mention of the other account balance!.
Officers used the letters information to declare me having savings over
This letter was not a bank statement on either account.!!
The council never called for statements,then or later.
Had they studied statements,which include a note that 'these are
official documents.' To emphasise this,MBNA on other pages
e.g listing purchases - include a notice
'This is not an official statement.'
Presumably IN LAW!
As I have NOW done. They would have seen one account
showed a debt , a debt which far exceeded the amount the
figure Council 'seized on' in the letter .
Yesterday having read the paper bundle sent from the Council.
this is a copy of its submission to the Apeal Board.
I sent a new notice to the Council Chief Executive pointing out this
above matter plus printed the monthly account debts -
not used by the officers.
I await the Council reaction..
One suspects 'official statements!' is the key. issue. Especially as
one suspects ,letters,bits of paper, are on official finance notices .
Regards StanC
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Alex,
Good Luck is wellcome.
However The Council has used a document that is not
an official statement of account. Other documents
issued by the Bank which such a a breakdown of the charges -
Have printed on them
Refer readers to the monthly statement.
That apparently is the 0NLY OFFICIAL one.
Here we have The Councill taking information from a letter
that says ,theft discovered & what is creditted..
IT DOES NOT SAY legally or otherwise.
What the balances are on each account .
i.e. One owed , the other in credit.(NET AN AMOUNT OWED)
A. Your thoughts please.?Hopefully we can then wind this case up.
Declaring to the Tribunal the Council officers acted illegley.
In the bacground is, any penalties i.e £700 on me.
The Government pay the council that amount as a reward..
Next week I need to prepare a defence to the Tribunal.
Finally as they acted incorrect :-
B. Can I claim my expenses & losses?
For falsely using documents rather than official accounts!
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Good Morning,Alex,
It would be helpful for your thoughts.
The Council used an email, in letter form
sent to me by MBNA.
It did not have any company, address
on it - mname & address..
Just plain text & a signature with
the sender's title. It only gave three of
the four amounts of money involved.One account - cleared debts .data
Two account - cleared
- resulting creditBut no debt balance on One account.
The council just used Two account credit in
its calculation - failed to inquiry or consider
offset debt. Debt higher than credit
awarded - Overall a debt owed.Not a credit!MBNA state on its statements which are
legal documents- this letter was NOT ONE..
Under their or legal classification.Thoughts please hope to wind it up.