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My wife's son has 2 children aged 1.5 and 2.5. He was

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My wife's son has 2 children aged 1.5 and 2.5. He was accused of downloading images of children and in September 15 he moved in with us. By October he had separated from his wife and there was an agreement that he could only access the children at our home and not be left alone with them. In March this year he was convicted and he received a Community Sentence which reflected the fact that he had not passed on the images. Despite all this my wife and I are standing by him but he has moved out and now shares a house in a city close by. The case was reported in the local paper and he lost his job. 4 weeks later he started a new job and we have supported him financially so there is an unbroken chain of maintenance payments. He has not seen the children since January though his wife would not allow access pending the outcome at court. He has now received a letter from her Solicitor enclosing a very brief parenting plan. he is asked to give his estranged wife control of their education and allow holidays of up to 4 weeks per year which is not an issue. Nor is control of decisions regarding their health as she is a good Mother. The issue is access. He is asked to sign to say he will have no direct contact with the children so he is left with cards and gifts at Christmas and birthdays. Without doubt he needs to get formal advice and frankly he needs to decide if he wants to be part of the boys life. I don't want him to make a decision that he can either not keep to or one that he will regret fro years to come.
What rights does he have given the fact that he has committed this crime?
How can I help with this please?
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