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My son has been accused of sexually accosting a girl and he

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Hi. My son has been accused of sexually accosting a girl and he and his partner do not know where to turn. His partner is currently almost incoherent with panic. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks. Steve
Can you explain the situation in detail please?Has made the allegation?Has he been charged?What with?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I don't know the full story yet. My son's partner could hardly breathe with panic let alone speak. He has been accused by a girl's parent that he touched her sexually bum not sure how old she is, I believe she is a child. I have been told Social Services have been advised and will investigate.
How old do you think she is? How old is yr son?With so few facts, what do you want to know?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I think she must be about 11 or 12. My son is 26. I just want to know the best way to deal with this. Just find a solicitor from yellow pages or what really. Thanks.
I would certainly suggest that your son saw a solicitor as soon as possible. There is nothing to be gained by delaying.If there is any truth in the allegation, what must be borne in mind that even if the girl consented, to whatever happened, at 11 years or 12 years of age, a person is not deemed to be able to consent therefore, it becomes indecent assault regardless.Can I clarify anything specific for you?Please don’t forget to rate the service positive. It’s an important part of the process by which experts get paid.Best wishesFES
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thankyou for your advice.
I’m glad that I was able to help. When you have a moment, please don’t forget to rate the service positive so that I get paid for my time. I can still answer any questions you may have.Best wishesFES
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