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My credit card, Nationwide refused to pay back under section

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My credit card, Nationwide refused to pay back under section 75 any losses I had due to a faulty engine supplied by a firm in Bolton.
Initially they agreed to pursue the matter and asked me over a period of around two years to have the vehicle inspected independently and then months later instructed me to have the vehicle transported to a main agent for a strip down of the engine to determine if it was faulty or not.
The main agent supplied a comprehensive report which clearly stated that the engine was faulty and I duly passed this on to Nationwide credit card services.
After two years and a great deal of costs to myself Nationwide agreed that the supplier of the engine was at fault...but
they now said they were in error in advising me initially that they would pursue the claim for me as the engine was bought as a gift for my son, and the leader of the team that had been dealing with me was they apologised and wished me luck claiming from the supplier.
I am a disabled war pensioner and my wife, who worked for Nationwide as a mortgage advisor for 27 years were so distressed by this that we were numb and unable to grasp what had just happened. To be honest we crumbled and thought we'd lost everything.
We complained to the financial ombudsman who told us we were outside 6 months limit and despite appealing we were told that they couldn't act against Nationwide.
The business that sold us the engine just swore at us when ever we contacted them.
So we took our losses and tried to get over it.
Today I read in the Mail that section 75 did cover gifts anyway and that Nationwide had behaved badly towards another client so I would like to know if I can sue Nationwide for our losses, which I expect are around £6000 plus interest and ask for damages also for
the pain they have put us through.
Strangely, we had ordered an engine for the same vehicle a few months before and Manchester police confirmed the company involved then was a fraudulent operation and Nationwide had repaid me for the engine.I just don't understand how they can use section 75 as an excuse.
Denis Murphy
My wife has been ill with stress and is now due to have an angiogram on 9th June.
Hello Dennis my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.Was this through the credit card please?Alex
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Alex thankyou
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
My number is ***** 872476
Calling now. Alex