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In court at first hearing he admitted he has always felt

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In court at first hearing he admitted he has always felt that he was a TRANSGENDER(his words) from a young age. had my daughter known she never would have married him. Can the marriage be made NULL and VOID ( currently. ? He continued in Court to say that I(80years) was stalking him and he was infear of his life from me. He was a special PC trained in unarmed combat., I have heart problems at my age !1. I was not allowed in Court. He claims on his Form Finacial return that he does NOT have a partner but the detectives have sworn statements to his residing with her constantly. ( apart from another liaison occasionally )
They also have sworn staements of tax evasion where he offers white goods (NON RECEIPTED) for cash discounts. Thay also advise he spends on average 3 hours per day in a drinking club (cider up to 9 pints) and then drives home to his partners house.
from his business accounts the business was valued at some £150,000 (he is 50% partner), but the judge would NOT allow this to be included.
Can my Barrister request this at the FDR. The previous question will reveal other matters. Thank you

Hi, thank you for your further question. Just a bit more information required to fully assist you:

-In terms of his transgender identity, is it the case that he has adopted the transgender identity all these years or is it just that he has "felt" that he is transgender?

-Why has his business not been allowed to be included?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
He has felt that he is transgender (for a long time) . He has worn exotic sexual ladies wear with his ex Mistress, He has not openly displayed his leanings apart from an appearance on Face book , looking for men with similar leanings. MY daughter had no inkling of his any time.I do not know why the Judge would not include his business, other than the respondent probably said I should not have got the valuation without his approval.(the accounts were shown on the Financial form but he maintains that I should not have had access. Can I ask the Barrister at the FDR if this can noiw be undertaken. The valuation was NOT charged for as the Company(highly regarded) hoped to get commission if a sale proceeds.). It was probably too close to the Judges lunchtime at 1.00pm as he overan previous case. He did not seem bothered ,(according to my Daughter)
Although my daughtewr had taken out a pre nup and a deed of Trust(to protect her childrens interest) , this is being ignored with a view that he has to have accommodation to take his son on occasions. he however is now in a new partnership with a divorcee who has a 4 bed property where the child has a room of his own allocated (the husband .has committed Contempt of Court by stating the he is not living there and does NOT have a partner. The Detectives have proof(Sworn) in more ways than one. It has been suggested that a tracker might also help but I am not sure whether this is permitted or would be acceptable? can you advise.He is entitled by the Deed of Trustt to 10% value of a house 90% owned by my daughter (under a Deed of separation with her former husband for the benefit of their 3 children (now adult , but one partly disbaled and needs on-going care). However
he is after up to half !! and this would cripple financially my daughter.
I would be interested to have your opinion as to what a Judge might recommend at the FDR... or subsequent trial ..There is proof of his tax evasion ( retail shop.) Sworn statement from Detectives of odffers he made and has supplied elsewhere..
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Nb on his financial form he declared residence at flatlet Camberley , but the post office sent a letter to Tracy and an address was given for all correspondence to be forwarded to a confidential address at 12 woodland walk GU12 4FE(information volunteered by PO aly=-though he had requested confidentiallity.
He claims he is scared that I will harm him..............I am 80 years with aheart condition, he is a trained unarmed ex police expert.. How ludicrous is that !! he claims that I am stalking him, he is a narcissist and a blatant liar.

Thanks for the further information. Firstly, I do not see his transgender disclosure to be grounds for there to be a nullity. It could have been used as reason for unreasonable behaviour in a divorce, but not nullity.

In relation to the business valuation and assessing it as a matrimonial asset, this should be taken up with your barrister at the FDR and argument should be made for it to be included.

In relation to the deed of trust, this document can be used to argue your position, however, given that these are matrimonial proceedings the court has the power to override this.

I appreciate that this may not be the answer you would have hoped for, but if you found this information helpful please provide a positive rating using the stars at the top of this page. I will not be credited for answering your question without a positive rating. Thank you

Harris and other Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Dear Mr Harris,
After the court hearing(ist), I overheard the Barrister discussing with my daughter(no rooms , only corridor a/v) The respondent declared in Court that I had vandalised his vehicle, and written obscene transphobic remarks!!!! He claimed it could only have been me as I was the only one who knew his address .This is a complete false accusation (I am 80Years and have heart problems ) , and he is seeking to discredit me . His partner had previously had a Solicitor write a letter saying that I was following her (also false). His address has been known for several months and given to our solicitor.This appears to be an orchestrated attempt to gain sympathy and benefit him financially. A previous attempt to discredit my daughter by an anonymous social report failed (malicious). I do not believe his vehicle was affected in any way, and he is a pathological liar.
I would like to know whether I have a case for SLANDER against him, as obviously it was a statement in Court , and refuted by the barrister However it has caused problems in that both my daughter and my granddaughter (24) stated that I should not get involved any more as he will retaliate even worse. It has had the effect of causing ill feeling with my nearest and dearest family.
However I do not want an action on my part to affect my daughters case, but am not inclined to ignore a slander on my unblemished character of 80 years. The FDR is scheduled for Sept 7th, and I do not know whether I should take action before or after. Kindly advise.j
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I would point out that both me and my daughter were totally unaware that he considered himself TRANSGENDER. and this may also be a lie as he has had several women since leaving the house , all divorcees or separated.( It was assumed that he dressed up in ladies sexual clothes for sexual gratification. ( He certainly is not effeminate , as he is trained in unarmed combat and was an Inspector in the Police as a so called special0
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Please note he is also totally wrong in that his partners ex certainly knew the address as he was living there from 2012 until he moved out.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I am not suggesting that his partners ex carried out any damage/defacing, as I believe it is conjured up. The ex does go there to pick up his daughter 5 years old, on occasions.

Thank you for confirming. By the sounds of it, any action that you take will only increase the animosity between you and will unlikely have any impact on the FDR or financial proceedings.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I am concerned that by not refuting the vile allegation, that it could be construed that there was some degree of truth in it. I do not think it possible to further increase the animosity, as he has intimated his intention to cause as much grief as possible. Yet a few days ago he phoned my daughter, slagging off me with threats of prison, etc stating your father , your father repeatedly. The he calmly stated that she was the only one he had ever wanted and he has previously expressed his undying love. (part of the conversation was recorded). he had apparently been on one of his drinking sessions as his speech was slurred.I presume that it is at my discretion if I take him to Court independently...........but it would be useful to know whether I should defer any possible action until after the FDR. or whether the threat of a further court case might spur him on to settle for the offer made which is more than twice his contractual entitlement .
The Barrister is aware that the respondent has committed a number of false statements on the Financial Form E (and these are confirmed with Legal and medical personnel
he is guilty of CONTEMPT OF COURT but the Solicitor seems to want to prolong the case with repeated particulars etc and does not wish to get things moving, she says she has to follow the procedures which I accept , but so far will not enter into a dialogue to foreshorten the case,We were quoted originally£ 3,500-£5,000------------------it now exeeds £24000 and with much ongoing.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I had suggested to the Solicitor the we increase the offer to 17.1/2 % ( approx £82500)
whereas he is contractually entitled to only app £31500)....but he is claiming up to half.
It was my daughters property(value some £475000 , protected by deed of Trust ) , whereby he agreed to buy in 10%( I provided him a loan interest free as he has underdeclared his tax earnings.

Thank you. I would suggest that you focus on settling the financial matter first before you consider pursuing the other issues as it would only rack up your costs which would be better spent on the financial application.