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But my solicitor has been waiting view of this statement

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But my solicitor has been waiting for a view of this statement from the PF office since last Dec believing that it should have been sent to him in the bundle of Crown productions while he is defending the alleged"stalking allegation". Now I find that the police only took my friends statement in order to cover their own tail and they used it simply to ask the PF if he agreed that they had done nothing wrong by not pursuing the stolen lap top. Proof that the lap top and money had been stolen would undermine their false charge of stalking.
If I point out to police that I only need my friend's statement for evidence that the lap top was stolen does that put me in a stronger position to get the statement from the police?

1. Yes, showing you need your friend's statement only to prove the laptop was stolen will go to show you only want the statement for the purpose of dealing with the proceedings. However, you should instruct your solicitor to make an application to court for the statement.

2. The is no point in waiting for the Crown Prosecution Service to deliver up the statement if they have not included it in the Bundle provided to date. YOu and your solicitor need to be proactive and to seek the statement.

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