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I'm a tenant on a shared house. Due to my contract my

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I`m a tenant on a shared house. Due to my contract my landlords charge us with a meter for the use of washing mashine and tube dryer. Basically i have to put the money for operate those appliance. he show to me on the first time i see the house and it was not a problem for me. U can wash also by hand and you can dry the cloth outside.
He can come to check the property everytime i like and he see me washing my staff by hand, I was not happy at all and promptly discourage me to use hot water for such jobs.
Another time he cone on the house and he find a backet of water and detergent with dirty cloth in the bathroom (we have two currently serving two tenant) and the other tenant don`t have make any sort of complain about that.
Again he complaint i`m not allowed to use shared zone of the house for such purpose. And to remove it immediatly. I just noted and promise to remove it. He come back tge same day later to check it and in rash manner argue i was no doing wath he ask me to do.
Basically he want to force me to pay for my laundry and is doing everything to wash my cloth by hand for don`t losing money.
I think this is unacceptable. Also because on my contract is write that the reason for such meter is for cover machine replacement and gas and eletricity cost.
Instead is using this system to raising more money indeed.
I can complain for harassment?

Hello, I am a solicitor with 20 years experience. I will try to answer this for you.

Your landlord has no right to do this. You should tell him to desist. As long as your washing habits are not damaging the property or causing nuisance to the other tenants it is none of his business.

It is probably too early to complain about harassment and there is not really any effective legal remedy for this sort of relatively low level harassment.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Basicallly you just suggest to be firm but calm and make the situation clear. As long i don`t damage the property and i dont disturb other tenants i have the right to do what i want. Under the limit of common sense and law of course.