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I contacted and offered my plot of land bought .00 by

Customer Question

I contacted and offered my plot of land bought for 5000.00 for sale by auction house after I signed a document -terms & conditions of auction. I got the catelogue and accompanying letter that a sketch of the plot marked with ".Guide Price :Unreserved". No opportunity to discussed and agreed any price. This correspondence was soon followed by another one informing me that the plot as been sold for 800.00' without an instructed solicitor/legal rep. at any time. The reply to my query as to the procedure and price, i was told I had not stated any "Reserved Price. The "agent" had not advised on this in any detail. I had not received ,signed and papers/documents from the contract of sale .exchange ,completion and thus not transfer. All letters have come the said buyer and his elected solicitors almost always threatening with court action for failing to complete a sales contract of sale and for which I had not got any consideration whatever.
I had gone abroad for three months and wjilw I was away the buyer has chased me with text messages and telephone calls in this same matter and I refused to respond as I had no direct contractual or personal relationship. On my return I had expected to hear by some communications as to the transactions from my representatives not known to me.However there was nothing that would have been obvious. The next official notice of claim for damages as well as completing the sale contract from the court by the buyer ,
I have so far entered my counterclaim and other supporting evidents.
More important is an advice is I am anticipating to withdraw my counterclaim and as a mitigation gesture contribute to the court costs and losses incurred incurred in attending the auction if this legally acceptable as I make the effort to sell this plot for its meanginful worth.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  chatham-chamber replied 1 year ago.


What part of the UK are you in?