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I was doing teacher training when I was taken out of my

Customer Question

I was doing teacher training when I was taken out of my course back in 2010 .
After leaving the course I joined tutoial center in the area where I live. after a while I started getting students who wanted tutoring those students where from Braintree, I had a round 7 students.
while tutoring those students I was working with Kip McGrath education to open another center, we chosen 5 areas which had a potential for such business. bilirecy Braintree, Healsted, Chelmsford, Cogoshall. we chosen Braitree becuase it is within commutable distance. I started searching for premises I found a room in Braintree industrial state but rent was £200 a week therefore and they could rent on hourly base.
we decided to hire a room in a school or a nursery I spoke to primary schools business managers and nursery business mangers but I was advised that such premises close at 5 pm and the hours we needed the premises was between 5 and 7 pm twice a week.
then Mr. Mckienzy suggested that I hire a Community hole or a Church premises.
I made inquiry for one community hole but was to far for me to commute to.
then we decided try churches therefore I started visiting the churches when I have the time, I normally visit them on Sunday to guarantee that the church leader is there so I could discuss the matter with him, I had a list of churches (we were looking for a church with sufficient car park where the parents can pick and drop their children , internet connection and if not available -possibility of having a connection to have PC for the students, exit separate from the main church hole) and I started going and speak to the church leaders some of the churches offered place I visited several churches before I visited the cornerstone church back in May 2011, It was Sunday, I waited outside then they called me in to join them after the prayers I spoke to the church leader who showed me the rooms they have, and what they use them for, the programmers they run for the church children, I asked him about their car park and whether they keep the gate open if one of the rooms is rented. after the discussion I thanked him and I left.
I informed Mr. Mckinzy of this and I was advised to go back and check how much they will rent it for. (I had to wait for the next Sunday to garantee that the Church leader is their)
after 3 days I was contacted by the police saying that they want to have informal chat with me, I went I was questioned why I went I explained to them however I asked the police officer whether this will affect my business she assured me it will not (don't be silly it will not affect your business).
I went on Sunday to the church to find the availability of the rent and how much the will rent it for?
I also waited outside until they called me in. but when I went in the church leader who I spoke to last Sunday wasn't their therefore I left.
After 2 days I was contacted by the police saying we need you to come to sign some paper. I went to find out what the matter was and what paper they want me to sign.
I was immediately took to custody they took my figure print and picture, I asked why they were doing this and what is my fault (I was assured by the police officer to carry on with my business) I 3 times refused to sign the caution. I asked the police office who questioned me is this going to affect my future career, my family. she once again I was mislead by the same police officer ; she said (don't be silly it will not affect you).
I have to say this caution affected my family life, my career, and my entire future, after this caution I had to close the business.
I at the moment trying to obtain a statement from the police that I can attach to my DBS check in order for me to get in to employment.
can you please advise?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 1 year ago.

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.

To be clear you signed the caution? If so when was it and what was the offence?
Did you ask for a Solicitor at all?