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Following a civil court case that I brought against an

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Following a civil court case that I brought against an employer for commission fraud, I made a complaint to the Police that perjury had occurred. I was very concerned that this wasn’t taken seriously, the WPC and her Supervisor made no attempt to understand the case properly and ignored the fact that the defendants had also lied in court about making physical threats against me personally and had also threatened to tamper with my car if I didn’t drop the case (these threats were reported to the Police at the time they were made and the defendants were given a Police warning). I am a freelance news researcher, including work on Panorama and Channel 4’s dispatches, so my research is thorough and correct – Since I met with the Police I have carried out further investigations into the perjury, including written reports by expert witnesses that I wish to present to them.
The courts did not let my appeal go ahead and my solicitor confirms that the case can’t be progressed any further until the perjury is sorted out. As civil lawyers they are not used to dealing with criminal accusations, I’m finding them expensive and ineffectual - I am currently acting as my Mother’s full time carer receiving only £62 carers benefit a week while my solicitor is costing £120 per hour.
Can I make an approach to the local Police, asking them to look at this further proof of perjury? If I approach them personally, rather than through my solicitor, will they take it seriously? I thought the Police I had contact with were unfamiliar with white-collar crime and I simply want officers who are more experienced in these areas to look at my information properly and make a genuine effort to understand it. Essentially I want a fair hearing, instead of being treated with apparent expediency. Alternatively, should I issue a formal complaint against them through the established procedures? Again can I do this personally or through a solicitor? Finally, as an alternative to acting through a solicitor, can the Civil Rights Movement or similar organisation help me present my case, so that the Police have to take notice? I would welcome your advice/suggestions. I have absolute confidence in my accusations, which have all been thoroughly researched and checked through by objective, impartial experts.

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Did the Court make any finding of perjury?

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
We tried to present evidence of the perjury after the hearing but before the finding was made, but the judge refused to hear it saying that we were trying to present expert witness information after the hearing. She unknowingly recorded evidence and proof of the perjury in her written finding. The evidence of perjury has never been closely considered by either the court or the Police.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
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