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P A , I am a British Citizen residing in the UK. My Nephew,

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Hello, my name is***** Lee, I am a British Citizen residing in the UK.
My Nephew, ***** *****, born in South Africa 21st September 1985, Bloemfontein South Africa returned to England with his Mother Debbie ***** ***** 1990 +-. The where about of his father is unknown, they had to return to England due to the crime rate in South Africa.
And have lived here ever since. Unfortunately ***** ***** was taken into care by Social Services in Welwyn Garden City, due to his Mother not being able to take care for him, due to her alcholisium.
My Husband and I returned to resettle in the UK 1999. I contacted Social Services to enquire about my Grandson David and asked them to please sort out his British Citizenship which they agreed to but it was never done, and I feel he was really badly let down.
As my Husband is X HM Diplomatic Service's I am applying to you with the following >
David ***** ***** (A5659AD HMP WoodHill Tattenhoe Str. Milton Keyns Bucks MK44DA.
As you can now see David is in prison due to braking the law.
Last year he became close to a young lady, had a child with David, who is greatly loved by us all, it appears the couple had a altercation and he stupidly bit her finger causing her to contact the police. David has been in trouble before for a couple of miner offenses , he is in custody since the 10th of March this year, awaiting trial. I have contacted the Solicitors ONESOURCE LAWYERS who informed me that they needed $3000 POUNDS urgently which I have paid, saying that deportation is very much on the cards. David does not have a British Passport. David knows no-one in South Africa . I have been informed by ONESOURCE LAWYERS that they are waiting for papers from the Home Affairs, which David must fill in and return to you??
We do realise that David has broken the law, but he has been a great help to my Husband and myself being the only Grandson here in England, more so since my Husband had a stroke last year September, at the age of 87.
The weekend that David was with us , and he was arrested, helping chopping branches down, so that my Husband could get his Mobility scooter out the gate, and may more chores that we are unable to do.
We at the moment have our oldest daughter here with us from Australia to assist us with matters that we are both finding hard to cope with, also typing this letter. She will be returning to Australia soon. I cannot rely on Debbie my youngest Daughter due to her drinking, and abusive behaviour, blaming everyone for this situation we are now facing.
I feel very desperate regarding this matter, and am hoping that you will be able to assist me with this matter, or please give me some advise as to where, what, is the next step that we have to now take, as time is running out. And I have now run out of funds.
Thanking you in this matter.
Mrs P.A Lee
01502 711896 ***@******.***

Thank you for your question.

You have said that David is waiting for his trial for his criminal matter.

I do not understand why his deportation would be 'very much on the cards' when his trial has not commenced. I am not a criminal solicitor, but i am sure the court will decide if he is guilty or not. If found guilty, he may have to serve his sentence. Once he is serving his sentence or has completed his sentence, the Home Office will then contact him in order for him to make representations as to why he should be allowed to stay in the UK. It is important that factors as to why he should stay in the UK and why he cannot return to South Africa are given to the Home Office. It is based on these representations, that the Home Office will decide if they want to take any action against David. This is a very complex area and I would strongly suggest that you discuss this fully with your solicitors.

I wish you all the best for the future.

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