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We are booked with Easyjet to fly out of Gatwick, London to

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We are booked with Easyjet to fly out of Gatwick, London to Murcia, Spain on 9th July 2016 with our two grandsons, aged 9 and 11 - Reference EQP1XKX. My daughter, their mother, will accompany us to the Airport to see us off.
The mother will then join us in Spain, travelling from Gatwick to Murcia with Easyjet on 16th July 2016 - Reference EQP21K7.
The mother and the two boys will then return from Murcia, Spain to Gatwick, London with Easyjet on 24th July 2016 - Reference EQP1ZRM.
QUESTION: Is all this information sufficient to allow us as Grandparents, with different surnames to the boys, to leave the UK and fly out with our grandsons on July 9th 2016 or do we need anything else? I had thought of taking all the documents, linking myself to my grandsons, via birth certificates, marriage certificates etc.
I would be so grateful for any information you can give me, as we would all be devastated if the boys could not fly with us at the last minute because of something we had not done. I have approached Easyjet, but have had no reply so far. I also asked the British Consulate in Alicante, Spain, but they were not helpful.
With many grateful thanks for your help, Jane ******

Morning Jane

Thanks for your email. I hope I can help you.

I am aware of very strict regulations regarding this type of arrangement when travelling to South Africa and can prevent travel if you do not have the appropriate documents and sworn declarations. But I am not aware of such requirements within Europe.

However, this does not mean that the airline staff will not check. They may question you and if they do then it is better to go prepared.

My suggestion would be to prepare a letter of consent signed by both parents. In it you should include the flight details and set out by reference to any documents your relationship to the children. You can then attach copies of the documents (birth certificate, passports, marriage certificate etc. I do not think you should have to get copies of the documents certified by a solicitor, the parents could just write: I certify that this is a true copy of the original, then sign and date) to the letter of consent.

Whilst this may not be necessary it is better to go prepared. Better to be safe than sorry.

Do let me know if you have any further questions or queries. I would be happy to assist you further.

If not, please can I ask you to take a moment to accept/rate my reply. Otherwise I will not get paid for the time I have taken to consider and type my reply. Thanks.

Kind regards


P.s hope you enjoy your holiday.

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