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I was on a dating site that connects established successful

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I was on a dating site that connects established successful men with young women-while chatting with a woman there I had put my real name on the messages and even my age on the profile was real. I also told her that I graduated from Oxford and that I live in a riverside flat in Pimlico and that I an an investment banker. She later published an article on the web which has my name, the area where I live, my age and the fact that I graduated from Oxford and that I am an investment banker. Although I had not told her my full name, my first name is ***** ***** and her article is now appearing on the fourth page of Google searches. A few other women from the website have commented on that article and one of them even said that "you should not use the names of people as that can be identified on the web" and the author responded by saying that "They can't be identified in the real world but only on that dating website" However I can be identified as my first name is ***** ***** the other information she has put about me is also true.
Since the topic of data protection has already been discussed on that particular webpage and it seems that the author is under the impression that she is not violating any rules, maybe if I can draw her attention to the fact that her article is coming up on a search of my name, she can edit my name there and still have her article be there.
I just want to do this amicably and start a fight. However, I just want to know my rights here under the data protection law or any such similar law. Do I have a right by law to make her remove my name from that article or my only defence here is a request to her?

Is there any reason you think the DPA would apply?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.

If this is another user of the site then it would not.

It is arguable that the site hosters are bound by the DPA but they are not the posters here.

If you have revealed information to another independent person online then they are not bound by confidentiality in any way.

It isn't particularly ethical behaviour on her part but that doesn't make it unlawful. I'm afraid quite a lot of female abuse is lawful whereas most forms of male abuse is illegal and pursued to the fullest extent of the law. That is the real reason that the statistics would suggest men commit more offences - only because the law focuses upon their wrongdoing rather than that of women which is far more prevalent.

Can I clarify anything for you?


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I don't know whether you still need a call now that you have my answer above? If not, i can arrange a refund for you. It would save you money of course.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Can I still talk? I just want to take your advice on how I should proceed in requesting her to edit the article

Yes, I will try calling now.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi JoAs discussed on phone, if you could please review this email that I am trying to send to Claire, the author of that article. You can access the article here ClaireMy name is***** and I am writing to you today regarding your article “students and the sugar bowl”. I had used my real name and age and other particulars on Seeking Arrangement and your article comes up when my name is ***** ***** Google.Seeking Arrangement asks its members to use fake names but I did not care and mentioned my true name and other details. Even though you have not mentioned my second name in your article, since my name is ***** ***** does appear on the fourth page of a Google search. Perhaps Google also links me to other information in that article like my Oxford education and the fact that I work in investment banking. Since all that information is correct and I do live in Pimlico, someone who knows me can easily identify that the person mentioned in that article is me.I appreciate that, in response to a comment on your article, you replied that the names you have mentioned in your article are not easily identifiable in the real world and only on Seeking Arrangement. This shows that you care about not exposing people’s real identities through your article. I am just drawing your attention to the fact that in my unique case, your article is making me easily identifiable in the real world.I have since deleted my profile and I refrain from using my real name on dating websites. However your article can seriously hamper my current and future career. May I please request you to edit the article and change my name there?I just hope you would help me out here. I am willing to answer any of your questions or provide any other evidence to prove that all the details that can disclose my identity in your article are correct and pertain to me.

I think that is great. I can't think of any way of improving it.

It is effectively appealing to her better nature. There is no other way of pursuing this. That should not have an antagonistic effect at all.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your help. I really appreciate.

No problem.

All the best.