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I have three neighbors in the hose I live in (flats) one

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I have three neighbors in the hose I live in (flats) one woman is 83 years old, a lovely church going lady, who has lived here 30 years, there is another nice neighbour on the ground floor, a lovely girl, who has lived here for 22 years, I have lived here for 16 years, but we had a neighbor that moved in about 7 years ago, shes an alcoholic, and tells very disturbing lies, she`s threatened the old woman, said to people the girl downstairs has thrown her down the stairs, but she fell drunk in her room, I have supposed to of assaulted her, until she slipped up and had blood taken from her wrist, she told people ive had blood tests, but missed the vein the first time, when it bruised up she said I done it, none of us knew we where being talked about like this until she slipped up with the blood tests, nobody wants her here she`s caused so much trouble, our landlady knows about it, but wants an easy life, and has said nothing,
this woman came crying to me the first year she was here, saying she`s spent all the rent cheques, I said explain to the landlady, that your sorry, and could you pay a bit extra on the rent to clear the debt,
the next thing council rent cheques were coming here for her sons, but they never lived here, so the landlady has signed a contract to defraud the rent, I have been in touch with benefit fraud and told them about 4 months ago but nothings happened, I think she wont get rid of her as they were in a fraud together,
I hope this makes sense to you, we need her out it was a peaceful house before, but now we have had police and baylifs here for her,
what can we do, we are trapped, the landlady wont do anything,
best regards

What are you looking to achieve? How many people in total live in the flats and will the others support you in any action?

What kind of tenancy agreements do you have? Assured Short hold tenancy’s?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
thanks for getting back, I`m trying to get her out of the flats, she has caused nothing but trouble
yes the other tenents will stick by me, they have had enough like myself, my landlady wont do anything
and also the other tennents can vouch for the fraudulent mail coming through the door, to our ghost tennents,
the landlady obviously, didn`t want to take the lose in rent, when the tennant decided, to keep it to her self,
so it looks like she has got it back through, fraud,
this woman (tennant) we want rid of, is an alcoholic, she only goes out twice a day to get her vodka. from the local londis, (shop) she made friends with us when she came, but whilst pretending to be our friends, she was spreading bad malicious lies about us, and also about the neighbors in the street,
I never knew I was hitting her, nobody in the street told me they said as they knew it was lies, and same with the lies she told about my other tennants,
I really think so does all our tennants, she needs help she seems to just lie and lie, about people, it can be very hurtful, I`m on anti depressants like the girl down on the ground floor through her,
our lease is shorthold we get a new one every april or end of march,
I hope this helpsbest regardsmark

Thank you. It is essential that you all stick together on this. Whilst the landlady might not want to lose this person’s rent, you will almost certainly not want to lose the rent of the rest of you. From a practical point of view if all three of you said that unless she left you were going to give notice to quit, she may think twice about getting rid of the abusive tenant. If the malicious tenant is spreading untrue rumours, that is harassment and is a matter for the police with a view to getting her warned under the Protection from Harassment Act. The more review make the complaint to the police, the better.

You can also apply to court for a civil injunction to get her to stop spreading these rumours and making allegations and solicitors letter threatening the court application may get it. Although to be honest, if the culprit is an alcoholic, it is unlikely to make much difference.

As it is, the landlady is in breach of covenant for quiet enjoyment by simply allowing the other tenant to cause nuisance. If the landlady won’t do anything about it when you are faced with a court application to make her do something about it. You are presumably all on Assured Short hold Tenancies and there is a risk that she may not like the threat of being sued all over this obstructive neighbour and she may get rid of the neighbour. On the other hand, for whatever reason (sometimes people are not logical) she may decide to give the other tenant’s notice.

Unfortunately, there is not a quick and easy solution without involving the police or threatening court or ultimately taking the matter to court.

Can I clarify anything for you?

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
thank you for the advice, it`s very helpful,
I have had a chat on the phone with my landlady, she actually has complained to the council
and my 83 year old neighbour has,
she hasn`t done anything towards my landlady or the flat she lives in, and was told you
can`t just throw her out in the street,
but my landlady owns a lot of property, and said shes waiting for a much better one , that she wont refuse to come up
if we just be a little bit more paitent and could wait, it was a solom promise she advised me, and understands what we have been through,
we are going ahead with getting the woman in question a letter from the police, or whatever they do, when the three of us go to the station to make a complaint,thanks again for the advice, much appreciatedregardsmark