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Just jot letter in post year speeding in Excess of 50mph. I

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Just jot letter in post for last year speeding in Excess of 50mph. I did 81mph.
I want to plead guilty and accept that I did it and never deny it.
My true reason is that I was cruising on the A406 at 50mph max around 6:45am Sunday morning when an aggressive tailgating vehicle followed me for about 10 minutes.
He did not want to pass me even when I cleared the fast lane the first time! He was so persistent that I wanted to call999 but my mobile was deep in my rucksack! So When I got a clear stretch I increased speed to escape him and was caught clocking 81mph.
Any advice!

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.

Why didnt you pull over or off the road?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Alex,
I did not feel safe to do so as his intention at that moment was aggression like and he would not let go and kept on tailgating me.I was doing my best to avoid an accident and any confrontation.My judgement call at that time was to let him go but he would not!Road was clear for miles and he just wanted to make some point! Or just crazy at that moment!I have no proof of this or any number plate. Only thing I can remember now is that it was a Greyish or Silver old sedan car.

Sadly you are guilty of an offence. It may have been you could have pleaded special reasons, but given you have hardly any details save for the colour and it was old, they are not likely to be accepted.

The court would also ask why you didnt come off at the next junction or simply slow down. Given the speed the sentence would be a fine, 6 points or disqualification for 7-56 days.

You are most likely to get points. Can I clarify anything for you about this today please? Alex

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Alex,My speeding was to escape the tailgate and my next exit was coming up.
I am a very careful driver and feel that was my best judgement call at that time.
I was consciously speeding to escape out of this dangerous confrontation and focus on the road ahead and the coming exit.
Minutes later the patrol car appeared and I took the exit to receive the speeding notice.
Personally I think my case deserve to be heard in some way for the judge... To make a sound decision.Sadly I know I do not have anything to back the details of the tailgate.I speak the truth and just need your advice on the best way forward.At the moment it seems a £85 at least and 33%off for pleading guilty.Do I stand any chance? I know it is partly my fault so I will pay a fair fine of £85 or so.The reason for speeding is clear for me and I hope the judge would share my reason as I had no other reason!I would like your opinion on my best way forward.
1-mitigation letter
2-go to court?!!!Let me know I might get you to call me later if might make any sense or advice on a mitigation letter.

I would go to Court. I think its mitigation only - its not a defence.

If you want the case heard then go to Court,.

Does that clarify? ALex

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Alex,I am thinking of writing a good mitigation letter which will save me time instead of spending the day in court...I will explain my case and hope for leniency.
I plead guilty and ask for consideration on my judgement at that time.
It was the right call for me at that moment.
We learn everyday and that's how we become more experience in making the right step in such scenario.
Such things are not taught in the books only to learn from them.
Sadly I'm at fault and nothing to back up my story!
I have done a lot of good and help in many charities.
I realise the danger of speeding as a close grown of mine lost his life in a car accident years ago.
I was not racing and drive carefully and my humble car to get me from A-B and I always plan my route so that I do not have to speed on the journey which will cost me more in fuel and peace of mind.This is my plea, kindly give me some tips on the mitigation letter and I will carry forward my plea.I thank you for your advice and skill.In Appreciation,

You should attend Court really, it just looks better and you can present your case.

You need to set out clear and concise mitigation. It appears ok what you have put above and you just need to form that into a letter.

Can I clarify anything? Alex

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