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We went through court with my ex partner, it went from full

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We went through court with my ex partner, it went from full custody to visitation.
the custody order is that mt son lives with me and he sees his father on mon and thurs after school and on saturdays.
my son is refusing to do this and is very anxious because his father is at school every morning and pick up time.
my ex has now got the school to involve mash and social services, he continues to declare I am mentally unstable regardless of the letter from my Gp and the courts decision. He has told the services and school that I manipulated the judge, cafcas and my doctor. We are currently waiting to see a dietician as George is 7 - 8 kgs over his age weight. The services also took 4 older childrens statements to back up my exes allegations. While we were together it was a very abusive and manipulative relationship. All of which George was not involved with like his older siblings as we seperated when I was pregnant.
at the same time my ex made us homeless, even tho he is a property developer worth an estimated 10 and a half million and pays no child maintenance as he has his money in childrens trusts. Flick drummond mp is trying to help us with this at the moment.
my spn is soo distressed as he now feels that his school is on his fathers side as the deputy head told george that he wouldnt tell george he has to see his father but george should know if he doesnt it is against the law.
my son is exteemely stressed and worried, whenever he does see his father my ex uses it as an excuse to talk to george and tell him that I am mentally ill. He tells george that he shouls tell his school councillor (ggeorge has been seeing her for the last 2 years since all this started) that I am mental and cant look after him. I am at a loss as to how I can help my son who now says that if he is sent to school he will run away so perhaps the school and services will listen to him.
what can I do?

Hi, thank you for your question. How old is your son and was the court order a final order.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
My son is 12 and yes it was a final court order.

Thank you for your further information. What he is doing is outside of his role as provided for under the terms of the order. He should not be attending the school to collect your son unless the order provides for it. Furthermore, despite what he is saying to the professionals, if they are taking no action about it then it would appear that they are not taking him seriously.

You should formally write to him to remind him that there is a court order in place and that if he does not comply with the arrangements you are entitled to apply to court to vary the order. This can be done under form C100 and a £215 court fee to your local family court.

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