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My daughter N. and her friend LJ decided to share a flat

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my daughter N. and her friend LJ decided to share a flat when LJ was told both her and her mother would be homeless. Rather than see her friend on the street my daughter who is working agreed to pay half rent, and LJ would get her half with Housing Benefit. Two days after signing the tenancy agreement, LJ admitted her mom didnt havd to leave after all. I was annoyed and disgusted by this as I had left home to help her out. LJ because she didnt work took on the role of running the flat but within a short time took ownership deciding what could and could not be bought for the flat which annoyed my daughter but it came to a head when LJ decided my daughter (who is also my carer) would have to clear with LJ the nights she could stay in her own bedroom in the flat. She also took a dislike to my daughters boyfriend and refused him entry to the flat unless LJ gave prior permission to them coming. Things came to a head when LJ was found to be subletting my daughters bedroom at the weekends to friends who slept and had sex in my daughters bed. This was the final straw and my daughter asked me to get some things from the flat. We both returned later that day to speak to LJ who went crazy and assaulted me (mother) and it ended me having to be taken to Casualty for bruising and swelling to my hands and arms. LJ was not touched at all during the fracas and LJ's mother arrived who verbally abused us with atrocious language. N. my daughter was told she had to leave the flat because LJ considered she was no longer a friend and she had found someone else to move in. My daughter gave a month's notice to the landlord, paying her half of a months tenancy but lost her £200 deposit When we collected her belongings a few weeks later there was considerable damage to clothes and a hat (slit) and broken cups, glasses and other items. Are we in a position to sue her for damages (we dont have receipts for the items) LJ and N were short £183.50 for the first months rent and LJ told N. her uncle gave her the money but LJs mother has now sent us a bill for this amount, stating we owe it to her. In view of the fact that N. was evicted by LJ and left the flat for her own safety and had to pay the month's rent because of her leaving, does one sum of money not be cancelled by N not only paying the month's rent but losing her deposit. Please help - we dont know what do

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
my number is *****
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
i feel that as my daughter was evicted by LJ and as she couldnt return to the flat, she had no choice but to leave, pay a months rent in lieu of this. What annoys her most is losing the £200 deposit.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Can we get her money back
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Are you going to phone me?

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