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I am a motorcycle rider thatw as recently pulled over and

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I am a motorcycle rider thatw as recently pulled over and written a ticket for driving without due care and attention (undertaking), and driving other than with accordance to my license.
the offence of driving without due care and attention I understand; the lead rider pulled out of the right hand lane into the clearer left hand lane, in the process of doing so we passed an unmarked police car that proceeded to pull us over and write the aforementioned ticket.
It should be noted that given that we passed on the kerb-side of the car i accept the offence of undertaking. My query is regarding the offence of driving other that in accordance with my licence.
the officer stated that it was due to me not wearing glasses or contact lenses while riding my bike, stating that my licence had a code on it for vision correction.
i took both my driving and motorcycle tests wearing a pair of spectacles, not knowing that the code would be transferred onto my licence. I have never been informed that i specifically need my glasses to ride/drive and I have had no problems on the road without them.
Reading around since the incident I've found that to be declared safe to operate a vehicle without the need for vision correction you have to meet both a minimum visual acuity, and be able to pass a roadside test of reading a vehicles registration plate from 20m.
Is there any way to prove that I don't need glasses to ride/drive after being written the ticket?
Note: i was not offered the roadside test at the time of the ticket being written

Does your licence demand that you wear glasses?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
It has the 01 code attached to it, which if for vision correction


In that case, you have to show that your eye sight meets the minimum standard even uncorrected.

This affects a lot of people who have had laser eye surgery. Their licence contains the code and they haven’t updated because of the cost but their eyesight is adequate.

To do that though you would need an optician’s report and to go to court. They won’t drop this unless, of course, the optician’s report is overwhelming.

Can I clarify anything for you?


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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for responding so quickly Jo;
I was planning to book a test at my opticians to obtain such a report, but i felt it proper to seek some advice beforehand. could you please expand on what you mean when you say the report has to be overwhelming?

It would have to say categorically that your eyesight was diagnosed at X level and that level would need to be higher than the minimum the DVLA demand.

That is not usually too difficult. Opticians don't sit on the fence generally.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Then i think that's all i need; Thank you very much Jo

No problem.

All the best.