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My flat lease states that the management charges must be

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my flat lease states that the management charges must be paid in advance for the year or if agreed by the management company can be paid by direct debit over 12 months.
I previously paid the yearly charges by lump sum payments made by chq always in advance of the yearly amount owed divided by 12 months. ie 4 chqs quarterley in advance.
My management company cashed the first chq in December 2016 for the first quarter, however rejected the 2nd quarterly payment and demanded payment in full via their solicitors.
Have i any rights to object to full payment as being un reasonable? even though stated in the lease as above??

Hi there

Thanks for your question.

Sadly, on what you have said, the management company can demand this. This is because the lease is a form of contract between the parties. Therefore you are legally bound by the terms and obligations set out in the lease. The management company would appear to have discretion as to whether it agrees to you paying by 12 monthly installments. Therefore it can change this agreement at any time and demand payment in full.

I am sorry but you cannot object even if you think it is unreasonable. The best you can do is to try to persuade them to continue the arrangement but it is not legally obliged to.

I hope this clarifies the position for you legally.

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