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The case I was sentenced I did not do was a offence. I have

Customer Question

the case I was sentenced for which I did not do was a sexual offence. I have been trying to clear my name for 6years now and cost me every thing , I cannot seem to get in the appeal as I am sure I can get in to the appeal court on grounds off new evidence which are as follows:
1. the victims mum was saying around the estate she lives on that her daughter was attacked by a asia man, she said this to a friend of mine which I had a signed statement from her .
2. the solicitor acting on my behalf went to the victims establishment and talked to her and showed her a picture of me which she said I wasn't her attacked. so I have a atherdavid to this effect.
3. a close friend of the victim said threw facebook that she was in town with the victim 2-3 weeks after her attack and she pointed out to the friend a asia/black man that attacked her. Which I have the printed conversation as proof.
4. also the victim met up with my friend in a crowded pub and was recorded saying she hasn't been to a I.D parade also that after being shown a picture of me that I was not the culprit who attacked also that the police had got the wrong area where the attack happened.
I look nothing what so ever like the attacker at all.
the stepping stones to get past is the dna which was on me , but it was on the wrong hand, in the victims attack the attacker licked her kneck , urinated or spermed on her leggings ( which came back from test that there was 2 profiles on them not mine) inserted his left finger into her vagina and his right hand on her waste, none of my dna was on the victim (which is impossible if I don't it which I didn't) her dna was on my right hand.
Why cant I get a appeal on grounds of new evidence.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jo C. replied 1 year ago.

How did the DNA come to be there?