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My father died Christmas 2012. Prior to s death he was

Customer Question

My father died Christmas 2012.
Prior to his death he was registered disabled and had received a government grant (in Wales) to do up his house to disabled standard.
This was completed but he passed away before moving back in to his home (which he owned solely).
The grant was administered through the local authority and came with the proviso that the property would not be sold or let out for five years after completion, otherwise a charge would be implemented on the property.
The overall grant money owing depreciates by 20% each year, leaving, as of this year, 40% owing, and 20% next year, zero the year after (as of January 2018).
I understand that this potential charge (see above) is the case should the property be sold or let out, which it has not been - it is an unfurnished empty property.
As an only child (in the absence of a will) I have obtained probate and have arranged as executor for a direct debit for council tax to be paid from my father's remaining estate, as well as any standing charges...
My question is this.....what should I do -
continue to pay council tax or
arrange to have the property transferred in to my name ?
If this latter is the case will the local authority take the view that, in effect, the property has been 'sold' and demand the grant monies upon sale of property.
The house is worth not much really - the fgrant was perhaps 2/3 of the value of his home.
The local authority have my contact details and have set up a direct debit from the new executors bank account, so they clearly are aware of the situation.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Apologies for addition....
If it makes no difference to continue the situation as it is until potential grant charge period disappears how do I transfer the house - through a solicitor or through land registry - can I do this myself since I have probate ?
Expert:  JGM replied 1 year ago.

Do you have or can you get the terms and conditions of the grant. Often the conditions don't continue to apply if the person has died.