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CONSUMER LAW In September 2015, we purchased a brushed

Customer Question

CONSUMER LAWIn September 2015, we purchased a brushed chrome kitchen tap. Since then, brown marks have started appearing on it, which cannot be removed. After further online research, it seems as though the acidity of some kitchen cleaners (from the supermarket - not industrial strength!) causes the marks to appear, which then cannot be removed. There was no warning as such with the product.
It is reasonable to use kitchen cleaning products from the supermarket, to clean the kitchen sink and tap, and to not expect the product to deteriorate over a few months.Would it please be possible to draft a brief letter that could be sent to the retailer, with the aim of resolving this issue, either through a refund, or replacement product of a similar price that would be better suited for consumer needs.
Further, failing this, would you be able to modify this letter slightly that could be sent to the credit card company with the aim of having them put things right under section 75. Am I correct in saying that the credit card company doesn't just refund the purchase price, but has to put things right so that we are not out of pocket (for example, to pay for fitting the new tap etc.)?Please send the requested letter(s) by attaching a file, rather than publicly available text.Thank you
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  F E Smith replied 1 year ago.

We are only able to send documents privately as part of a Premium Service. I will submit a proposal for you. There is an extra cost.

I need some more information please. Where have you found this information from with regard to the acidity of the kitchen cleaners causing the marks to appear? Can you attach a copy please?